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Getting in College Question? Topic: Overcoming challenges college essay
July 17, 2019 / By Celestine
Question: I am a freshman in high school, I go to a prestigious school and I am just coming out of a public middle school. We just got done with our first quarter and I had a 1.7. I know that it is God awful. But I would just like to know that if it matters that much. If I work my *** off for the rest of my high school career, get all A's and B's, will colleges understand that it was the transition from an easy school to a very challenging school where my work load increased ten-fold. Or would they hold it against me, and not except me into their college. I am in advanced classes, I volunteer a lot, I am part of the school newspaper, basketball team, blue and gold club (daily heavy weight workout), and the drama club. Will my extra-ciriculars help me get into a better college? Thanks a lot.
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Annitra Annitra | 5 days ago
The 1.7 will be reviewed but considering your extracurricular activities and based upon the assumption that you make A's and B's for the rest of your career, you should be able to get into competitive universities. Also the fact that you attend a high caliber school with a challenging curriculum will also be considered when compared against students at other schools.Additionally, most universities require letters of reference and an essay from the student. The essay portion of your application can be used to explain the first quarter freshmen grades, along with letters of recommendation and the fact that you were able to overcome the obstacle of your initial transition, you should be okay. Don't give up :)
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Yancey Yancey
You're right, it's God awful. If your workload has increased tenfold then you have no business being involved in that many extracurriculars. Extracurriculars are meant to augment your education, they are not in lieu of it. So, no, in your case the extracurriculars won't help you get into a better college because your grades suck and you are way to overextended. Your GPA of 1.7 matters a lot. Maybe you are not cut out for academic life. You need to learn better study habits and get some tutoring.
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Shell Shell
Schools look at GPA/SAT scores. Doing better at school, naturally, will help you get into a selective school. No school accepts students becasue they do a lot of nice things, like volunteer work. GET REAL! There are a couple of thousand colleges and universities all over the country. The trick is finding one suitable to your needs and pocketbook. Work harder and stop worrying. There are plenty of great schools that would be pleased to have you grace their campus one day.
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Nolan Nolan
Your extra circular activities and volunteering will get you into a good college. Colleges like to a positive progression in your grades each year. If your freshman grades were bad, but you do well the next 3 years then the colleges will see that you tried to improve yourself and they will accept you.
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