Phobia of death? Please help?

Phobia of death? Please help? Topic: Writing a research question middle school
July 19, 2019 / By Celinda
Question: So throughout my whole life I've had times when I've consider death quite deeply and got really anxious that life was flying by too quickly (I'm thirteen now), and I've been through a lot.. at the start of year 7 I think I suffered depression or major anxiety but eventually I overcame it. Nowadays I sometimes have days when I feel like that again. But a few days ago I was thinking about how quick this year had passed before going to sleep at night (like lying in bed) and soon I was escalating things and getting over anxious about death. So usually when I've got like this in the past it's just passed by the next day. But this time I seriously over thought everything: Life, death, time, space, the universe, what 'nothing' is, the big bang, literally EVERYthing that humans haven't worked out yet. So that was last night in bed. Finally I forced myself to stop overthinking and go back to sleep in hope I'd have forgotten in the morning. But today I just don't feel myself, I feel like I can trust no one, like the whole world is one big dream and I'm in the middle. Or maybe like in the film the Trueman show? I just can't understand how I can only see the world through my eyes? If that makes sense? I feel like if I could see the world through someone else's eyes, or be able to hear their thoughts, I might not feel so alone. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I have depression, I've actually been happier than I have been since starting high school over the last few months. I've finally started accepting myself for who I am and I feel like I'm beginning to discover my true self. But at this very moment I feel really alone. Like no one else in the whole actually exists. And as for death, I've always been afraid of death, I'm not religious and I don't have faith. I wish I did so I could feel I didn't need to be scared of death so much. But I can't shake the feeling that it will be an eternal darkness without thought. And I know everyone dies and I know I'm not the only one who is fearful of afterlife but it's really scaring me. I think this feeling will fade like it has in the past, but I just wanted to know if there are other people who can relate to these feelings? And is there a scientific name for this because I feel I can easier talk about it if I can understand that it's actually a common feeling and so that I can research it. From other questions about death I have read I think it may be anxiety? But I'm not sure because if lots of people suffer from it then surely it musn't be that? If anyone can suggest any techniques to calm myself when the thoughts are racing through my head I'd appreciate them too. I don't know if maybe I should consider councelling or if this is something I can overcome myself? I'm not afraid to talk about it to my mam, but I've never got round to it yet. I think I'm just going through a phase but I'd like to feel reassured? Also could these feelings be affected by hormones? I know this is long but I can't explain how thankful I am to anyone who takes their time to read this. Thanks in advance Thank you for all the answers so far! They are really helpful and I already feel much less anxious just to know that there are many other people in the world feeling the same way as I do. @MorningLightMountan Your answer was really helpful, it's great to think that I could use my fears to my own advantage whilst helping me to overcome them. What you said about overthinking really opened my eyes too, you're right when you say the world's greatest thinkers often suffer major sadness. And I will definately remember that, you've really made my day :)
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Annmarie Annmarie | 7 days ago
You are wise beyond your years. I mean, that's not saying much if you're 13. But the great geniuses in history were smart at a young age the way you are. Your mind will become even more expansive as time goes by and you grow. "But this time I seriously over thought everythingthat humans haven't worked out yet." First, it's impossible to overthink. There is no such thing. I hate the phrase 'overthink'. It's simple WRONG. And people who use it, just aren't good thinkers. Second, you're a human. Someone has to work out what humans haven't yet. Someone who is human. Someone who is you? These larger-than-life issues that plague your consciousness may be what you are destined to help resolve in your own small way. Also, you read correctly. This is anxiety. And at 13, you can ask if anything is effected by hormones and the answer is yes. Feeling... different... like this... at age 7? That's... well.. it happens. But it does make the whole situation more serious. Consider that these things you talk about may be your life's calling. Also be careful of the anxiety. Wisdom brings sadness, and with the way you see things at your age, there is huge potential for severe mental illness, as well as greatness and a satisfying fullfilling life. A lot of people have both. If you feel that your anxiety is interfering with your functional life(school/chores/socially/work/etc) then get it checked out ASAP and take care of it as much as possible as soon as possible because anxiety can be as debilitating as having your legs cut off. But at the same time... pursue these things on your mind. Write them down. Think of what others call over-thinking as under-thinking. Chase the answers. Know as much as you can. A lot of people just... don't... think. People who do, should do so as much as possible! Oh, and when you earn your first million, or get your first nobel prize, mention "MorningLightMountan" :)
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Annmarie Originally Answered: PHOBIA?
Hry If you're really deeply terrified, like you said, then yes, it is a phobia. If you'd like to get rid of it, or at least somewhat - then get someone you know well and that you trust completely to do it to you, do it to other ppl, etc. Just for practise. I used to be really scared of spiders and now I actually play with them in my hands, mainly because I researched them, watched some documentaries and found out that they're basically harmless. So there. P.S. picked up how? as in picked up in the air or picked up as in by a guy in a bar? Clarify.

Yarwood Yarwood
Depending on your personality, this may not be the best method: But, I would try to LIVE more. The only conceivable way (besides counseling) I can see a way to "get over" (cope would be a better term, since it's hard to ever extrapolate fear completely) is to do more fun things, you know, some of the things that make life what it is. Eating good food, spending time with friends and families and observing life as it is. I mean, most people conquer their fears by exposing themselves to it, but you can't just keep dying until you find you're over the fear. You die but once. So, I would suggest just trying to keep your mind off of death. It could happen at any moment or maybe it's not until thirty or sixty years from now. You just never know. Living your life that way is not fun (I have a bit of that fear myself). What I did was just let it go, tried not to think about it and just had a lot of fun. Hope this helped?
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Shelomi Shelomi
No need to waste your time obsessing/dealing with all this fears and anxiety. I know it may be hard, we are all scared but imagine every single person on the world right now would feel like that... Nobody would do anything, we'll all be just so scared of our destiny that the world wouldn't function at all. Calm down, relax, watch a movie, read a book, do whatever you know you love and will help you, use your short time to enjoy life to it's fullest instead of over thinking so much.
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Noll Noll
Thank God I found this question. I feel exactly the same way:/ I keep trying to imagine what life will be like when I'm dead, and it really scares me. I'm the same age and I feel like life is passing so fast. I worry so much about when I'm gonna be old, and knowing that I won't do anything else with my life. I feel like now I have no childhood left. And I feel like my childhood has been taken away (I've had bad expriences with bullying) I have no idea what to do either.
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Kurtis Kurtis
Hi, I'm 13 as well, but in 7th grade. But wow, you're in high school you must be really smart. Anyway, I don't think you should be afraid of death. I think the purpose of a funeral is not to mourn one's death, but to celebrate their life. When you feel like this, write down all the things you appreciate about life and remember them. When you have this sort of feeling, it actually maximizes the motivation to truly live like you were dying. Live every day to the fullest and don't be afraid to fall. I myself am not afraid of death, but only afraid of dying having not made any difference to anyone's life.
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Irwin Irwin
I'm not a doctor and didn't read the whole thing but I can tell you that phobia is an unreasonable fear of something or someone. A doctor will have to decide if you have and unreasonable amount of fear. Fearing death is normal. What is not normal is obsessing on it. See a doctor. Hope this helps.
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Irwin Originally Answered: Is there a "phobia" of pregnancy? If so, I think I have it.?
I went through a time feeling like this - my husband and I wanted to have children one day but the thought of losing control of my body really freaked me out. I just worked myself up about it way too much. I did have fertility issues (PCOS) but we managed to conceive two times naturally. I didn't find out I was pregnant with our first until I was 19 weeks along and we were starting to consider fertility treatment. As soon as I found out I was so happy (and surprised). All my worries disappeared, all I cared about was the wellbeing of my baby. Pregnancy and childbrith is hard, I won't lie, and my body has lots of scars and saggy bits now - but it has been so completely worth it. I also had an emergency c-section with our first baby which is far from an ideal birth experience. I love being a mother, my son amazes me all the time. Our second arrives in November and I can't wait to meet him too. So many women experience these things and survive them, they make you more mature, stronger, and give you much more empathy for others. i think all mothers have a mutual understanding because of what we've all been through. If you really can't shake the anxiety then get some counselling, it will help you a lot. You just need to learn to trust that you have the strength to deal with all the challenges and changes that come with motherhood.

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