What was the best prank you have ever done?

What was the best prank you have ever done? Topic: scarecrow writing paper
July 19, 2019 / By Celosia
Question: tell me how you anoyed, tricked, scared, or got revenge on an enemy. did it feel good or did you feel bad.
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Annona Annona | 8 days ago
Idk, there have been a few really good ones. One time, my cousin and my brother and I made a scarecrow and laid it out across the road near where we lived. It was pretty rural so there was not a lot of light and there were lots of bushes for us to hide in and watch. It was pretty funny. I think about 4 cars ran it over before it got too smushed to look like a person. Only one person did not stop; we wrote down their license plate number and reported them to the police for a hit and run accident. Another time we scooped up a dead skunk from the side of the road and put it in a paper bag (we made my brother carry it). Then we hoofed it over to our archenemy's house and set it down on their front porch. We lit the bag on fire, then rang the doorbell and ran like crazy outta there. That was a pretty good one. One time when I was really mad at my boss and going on vacation for 2 weeks in the wilderness (no cellphone service, boohoo :) ) I stuck a pencil in the lock of the file cabinet where we kept the blank checks and broke the tip off. It took her a week to figure out to get the janitor to take the whole lock assembly off the cabinet to get into it, all she knew was that her key would not turn, lol. Good thing the janitor was a friend of mine and thought it was pretty funny when he found the pencil tip in there - he covered up and told the boss it was dust and debris clogging the tumblers, then we had a good laugh about it when I got back. Well, the first two were just funny, and the last one was revenge. I felt pretty good about the last one, my boss was a jerk. Smiles :) Candy
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Yehowah Yehowah
Well, I stole my brother's toothbrush and put it in a bag of water. Then I put the toothbrush bag in the freezer overnight. The next morning, I put the toothbrush back on the counter. it was hilarious. And it didn't break anything or ruin anything, so I didn't feel bad at all. ;) Another thing i was going to do, But didn't have the suppliea for was to cut the top off my sister's deoderant and replace it with cream cheese. (Ewww) One more thing was when I put frozen peas in my mom's bead a few minutes before she went to bed. It was awesome and I didn't feel bad at all... Maybe I'm just a bad person, But I didn't feel bad. :)
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Shelton Shelton
weeelll.. i pranked my sis when i was younger, probably the only time i did. i did 2 things. first, i taped the sprayer attachment on the sink, and when she went to get a glass of water around 3 in the morning, she go hosed!! it was awesome. she got really pissed. the other time was when i was really pissed at her for doing something to me, so i but a thing called bitter break, its a spray used to stop dog bites, in a big bottle of water she kept near her bed. at night, she went to get a drink, and then spent 5 min washing the taste out of her mouth. sweet sweet revenge lol. check these out for any ideas you might need. Happy pranking!!!! http://www.funnypracticaljokes.com/funny-pranks.php
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Norm Norm
my favorite prank is pressing and holding down the test button on the smoke detector while someone is taking a dump
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Kynaston Kynaston
me && my sister were watchinq "the rinq". idk if yu are familiar w. that movie ;; but she had to take a bathroom break. while she was in the bathroom ;; i turned the channel to one of those fuzzy non-workinq stations && turned off every liqht in the house. when she came back to the livinq room ;; she FLIPPEDDD OUUUTTT.! her expression was priceless. she ran into my room and threw herself on the floor and continued to cry. it was qrand. [[:
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