When looking for no book in particular, what makes you want to pick up a book and read more?

When looking for no book in particular, what makes you want to pick up a book and read more? Topic: Writing a book review example
July 17, 2019 / By Chanelle
Question: Is it the cover, the title, critic reviews, what is it that makes you want to pick it up and read the back or the first few pages? FANTASY / FICTION BOOKS PREFERRED :) but any book will do thanks
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Best Answers: When looking for no book in particular, what makes you want to pick up a book and read more?

Anora Anora | 2 days ago
For me, it's a combination of the cover and what it *appears* that the subgenre for the book is. If it looks like another vampire book, for example, I'll give it a tired glance and move on. But if the cover art is interesting, and I can tell that it's something that looks more unique, then I'll flip it over and read it more seriously - like Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" and Gregory Maguire's "Wicked". The title also is interesting at times, depending on how bland (or, conversely, strange) it is. The title "Kushiel's Dart," for example, caught my eye on a library shelf, then the cover art was interesting. I checked out the book, and ended up loving it - it was better than it sounded, honestly, from the summary on the back. That said, sometimes whoever wrote the summaries didn't do the book justice, and made it sound cliched or boring - and the book was actually quite enjoyable. Other times, the summary sounds wonderful and awesome, and the book ends up being crap. I tend to take a second look at books whose summaries are like the former, because it might just be a gem. A rare combination of all three being really good (to me, anyway) is in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy - the covers are cool, the title is different, and the summaries are well-balanced.
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Youkahainen Youkahainen
Will when i was little i hated books but now i love them! For me when i first went to Barnes and Noble i went to the teen area, and some i did pick up for the covers but then did not like them. I did not really care for the titles not unless i heard from a friend it wo\as good. I would just pick like this series i love now ( idk if your a teenager or not ..) Private series by Kate Brian its a mystery and murder book but not to bloody or anything and i read the back and i was just taking a chance and brought it. Then when i loved it i went online to B&N and typed it in and on the side or bottom of the page it tells you what books are simliar to it. So yeah that how i did it. Sorry these is so long.
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Shephatiah Shephatiah
It's often the title - I see people reading on the subway or in a coffee shop and I peek at the title. "Veronika Decides To Die" is a good example. Covers can be misleading, like the "Twilight" style edition of Wuthering Heights.
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Norris Norris
The cover mostly, the title as well and just the section it's in! Then I read the reviews but they aren't a huge deciding factor for me unless it has a ton of awards and things like that.
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Lambert Lambert
IM TORN BETWEEN THE COVER AND THE TITLE.. but i'll go with the cover.. the color of the cover, the picture, those are the things that make me wanna pick up the book.. :)
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