Y does ppl like to comment other on spelling and grammer on a freken internet?

Y does ppl like to comment other on spelling and grammer on a freken internet? Topic: Essay on energy needs of the future
July 17, 2019 / By Charis
Question: i dont kn ow y but i get really irratated when ppl make fun of other ppls grammer and spelling like on comments on yahoo answers, youtube, and many other places is like dude is a freaken comment ppl do it to have fun not a freken essay and i really dont haver the time and energy to cheack if every word is spelled crooctly for those no lifes on the internet tom make fun of seriously they reallly need to get a life does anyone else feel that way ???? p.s. somtimes i misspell some word not because i cant spell is caz i acidently type in the wrong letter and am really lazy to fix it and automatically ppl assume caz the person is a retart or some sout and they put some dumb comment about it
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Best Answers: Y does ppl like to comment other on spelling and grammer on a freken internet?

Anthia Anthia | 7 days ago
Poor grammar, capitalization, and spelling in written communications leads people to believe you are less intelligent than you might be. So does inadequate and/or improper punctuation. It is painful for those of us who are relatively educated to read posts such as yours. If you spell and punctuate in school, as you have above, and they pass you, that is a shame. To aquire and hold any job worth having, a decent education is neccesary. Don't short-change your future by being lazy (your words), or just getting by in school. If you are already out of school, I feel sorry for you. P.S. All the incorrect abbreviations, as if you were texting someone, is the worst of all. How intensely annoying. :-(
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Anthia Originally Answered: Can any one Correct my Grammer,Spelling,Punctuation, & Capitalization please?
For one, don't capitalise random nouns unless they are the names of people. You've already committed that mistake in your question. Also, spellcheck is your friend. First sentence contains unnecessary comma. Could you please read more books and get a grasp of basic grammar before attempting to write? The second sentence should be "This year, two candidates are running for the election. They are incumbent mayor John Destefano and Jeffery Kerkes ." These mistakes can easily be corrected by running it through a spellchecker. I'm not going to edit everything for you.

Zachary Zachary
"I don't know why but I get really irritated when people make fun of other people's grammar and spelling like on comments on yahoo answers, youtube, and many other places. It's like dude it's a freaking comment, people do it to have fun. It's not a freaking essay and I really don't have the time and energy to check if every word is spelled correctly for those who have no lives, who are on the Internet to make fun of someone. Seriously, they really need to get a life. Does anyone else feel this way? P.S. Sometimes I misspell some words. Not because I can't spell, it's because I accidentally type in the wrong letter and am really lazy to fix it and automatically people assume that just because someone didn't spell the word correctly, the person is a retard or something and they put some dumb comment about it." You made some errors so i fixed them for you.
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Shiloh Shiloh
Most educated people find it hard to take someone seriously when they have a worse grasp on the English language than a 6th grader. It is usually a sign of being poorly educated... or immature if they are purposely using "Zs" where "Ss" belong and such.... not always the case I know. Some people are really smart but can't spell... dyslexia and such... but I do use the spell check myself before sending out anything so as not to look like an idiot. Once I had a car salesman email me back and he spelled "automobile" incorrectly twice... and all I could do was email him back and tell him ain't no way I am buying an automobile from a guy who can't spell the frekkin' word. Yah.. I was thinking "idiot" - at least use spell-check.
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Obadiah Obadiah
Perhaps someone has an interest in the well being of others. Poor spelling reflects on the person that has made a post for millions of people to see. If you want to appear as being lazy, or a slob, that is your choice. It is also the choice of others, and their freedom of speech to comment on what they see. If you don't like it, then perhaps your best defense is to do the best that you can, thus avoiding comment. Not everyone can read the cryptic messaging that others use. There is also the issue of words misused, such as "bare", where "bear" should have been used.
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Lanford Lanford
hmmph. i'll try to take this seriously... well, i don't really point out people's spelling and grammar mistakes too often; i only do it when i really can't understand what's going on. in some instances, however --like with your question and comment-- really bad spelling, grammar, punctuation (or lack thereof) can make understanding what someone else is saying a really difficult task. so, that's why some people like to point out these sorts of mistakes. i mean, if you were talking to someone, face to face, and you emphasize all the wrong words, pause at weird times, and use really odd intonation... well, you'd probably get a raised eyebrow --at the very least!-- in response. don't you think? the same is true over the internet. here, where we're all more or less anonymous anyway, a "wtf?!" is just a raised eyebrow. granted, those folk who resort to name-calling and beyond would probably get better results if they just asked for clarification. but, hey, different strokes for different folks. of course, there are also those others who are just really, really persnickety. yeah, with them, i guess they just really have nothing else to do... still... if you want to be understood by others, it's best just to stick within the rules of the language. if people get all bent out of shape because you don't even try to be coherent, you can't get all pissy for not seeing it coming. know what i mean? language is not something left up to the individual; it's more of a social or group agreement. you can't just make changes to language and expect people to understand you. this is especially true on the internet. i can't hear your tone of voice; i don't know when you make pauses within your sentences; i don't know what words you stress... it's in this context that following the rules of language is most important. if you want to get a message across over this medium, you have to strick to proper --or accepted-- spelling, grammar, and punctuation as best as you can. i suppose it depends, too, on your audience. if you're in a chatroom where everybody else abbreviates every word or spells things --err-- uniquely, well then no worries... ^^
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Israel Israel
If you spell things particularly badly, then people can't understand what you are trying to say. It's easier to read words that are spelled correctly, and sentences that contain punctuation. Your comments on the internet are all that I know of you, so I have to presume that you are poorly educated, retarded or lazy, because you haven't made an effort, or are incapable of using correct English grammar, spelling, or punctuation. First impressions are important, and my first impression of you is not good.
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Israel Originally Answered: Correcting someone's spelling, why do dyslexics get upset by it? Is it mean to correct their spelling?
I find it rude when people focus on spelling rather than the content of a post. That happens all the time though. It’s like people don’t care what the person has to say if it’s not spelled perfectly. People who are dyslexic can’t help spelling wrong. Correcting them will not help them write the words correctly the next time and they don’t need to be constantly reminded of how bad their spelling is. Being constantly corrected by others can get very annoying and frustrating and it can have negative effects on the person’s self-esteem. Nobody likes to have their mistakes or shortcomings pointed out all the time and if people always comment on the spelling rather than what the person has to say, it gives the impression that people don’t take them seriously or don’t care about what they said, just because of the spelling. So you would not have done this person any favors by correcting his post. You could have just made him feel worse about it. I think the reason why he mentioned his spelling problem in the post was to indicate that he is well aware of his bad spelling and can’t help it and would rather be left alone about it. There are some dyslexics who don’t mind having their spelling fixed by others, but there are much more dyslexics who wish people would just not care so much about the spelling and focus on the content for a change. Spell checks are not always useful for dyslexics either. They don’t correct everything. There are some words they don’t recognize and if the word is really badly misspelled they don’t always recognize which word it was supposed to be. They don’t understand context, so they don’t correct misspellings if the misspelled word looks like another real word (for example they don’t usually recognize the difference between “we’re” and “were” or "has" and "had"). Spell checks that ask you to confirm which word you meant to write (such as the spell check here on Y!A) can be a problem too, because a dyslexic won’t necessarily recognize the correctly spelled word from the list. It also takes extra time and effort to go over the corrections like this. Spell checks can be rather time consuming. The time they take may seem insignificant when you’re writing one post on a forum, but imagine the time it takes to have literally everything you write spell checked (every post you write on forums, every e-mail, every instant message etc.). On top of that, dyslexics often read and/or write slowly, so in total they must spend much more time than others when writing. Sometimes there just isn’t much extra time or patience for spell checks.

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