A writing/publishing site for people 18 or younger?

A writing/publishing site for people 18 or younger? Topic: Critique of an article
July 17, 2019 / By Charisma
Question: Okay, well I saw this article in Reader's Digest the other day and it was about publishing your books on this authonomy.com thing. Except when I went to join, I found out you had to be 18 or older. In Scribophile, too. Is there any place I can write online for it to be critiqued and then possibly published without having to be 18? I know there has to be some way to get your books published before you're 18 because I just read an article about a 13-year-old who got published. I really want to do HarperTeen but I don't know of any sites that will publish anything from me without being 18. So. Help, plz?
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Best Answers: A writing/publishing site for people 18 or younger?

Antoinette Antoinette | 8 days ago
FictionAddiction.net, while not strictly a publishing site, has tons of tips for being published, and you only have to be... 13, I think?
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in case you do i think of i may well be carefull. There are alot of weirdo's obtainable that would desire to choose to get their palms on a youthful woman or guy. Too many to count huge form. they are consistently there. be careful who you chat with.
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Is your dad still alive? If not you will need to investigate what rights you have to publish something you did not write. You also need to see what usage agreement he had with the magazine, but if no money changed hands, I doubt your dad gave up any publishing/copyrights. Places like lulu will allow your book to be carried on Amazon. However, you need to realize while this is a means of distribution people are used to, it does not constitute marketing. There are many, many books on Amazon that have never sold a single copy. Lulu is probably a reasonable choice if you want to have your dad's work available as a hard copy and direct people you know to a place they can purchase it online, or from you directly. You said, you feel like it's a niche, so the next question is: Do you know how to reach and advertise to that niche that may be interested in his work? (Maybe an ad in the magazine you mentioned, etc.) To have sales beyond the people you know, that's the next thing you will have to figure out if you choose self publishing and desire a wider sales base. You also need to consider the price point. You won't sell many books to people you don't know if the price is not competitive. Lulu has price calculators you can use to figure this out. There's certainly nothing wrong with making print copies, just for the people you know either. If you do not require online sales, you may also wish to check out local printers in your state that may offer more personalized service.
Zachery Originally Answered: Publishing through publisher or self publishing my dad's short stories?
I'd go with blurb.com if I were you. That's what I'm planning on doing (I don't care if I don't sell alot, I'm too attached to my story to let it get too far out of my own hands. My username is Purple_Wolf, check my profile out if you wish). But for the heck of it, why not send it in to a few publishers first? See what they say, maybe you'll strike some luck. And if not, you always have the other options. Good Luck.

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