What can we as humans-theists and atheists all?

What can we as humans-theists and atheists all? Topic: C case smaller than sign
July 19, 2019 / By Charity
Question: ...do on an individual basis to make the world a better place? Rules: can't blame anyone but yourself, no proselytizing, whether or not God exists is irrelevant. Not talking about what God can do, but what YOU and I can do. Don't look at it like "OH! She wants me to go out and change the ENTIRE WORLD--all 7 billion people! Nope. That's not it at all. It can be something simple like, buying a dress for some a poor girl so she can go to the prom... mowing the lawn for an elderly person, handing out bottles of cold water for the ones dancing on the street corner with signs... picking up the tab for the person in front of you in the check out line. You don't know how a small gesture can make someones day and change their life. Anyone ever saw "Pay It Forward"? Okay, those were my ideas. What are yours? Got really good ones? Pick one and just try it this week. Guarantee you'll go to bed at night a changed person! And you'll do a lot more for people than just ranting and debating. So, who wants to play the game? Any takers? I dare you! @SupaStar: when you say "leave people of other faiths...alone" do you mean, don't do anything for them? Don't help them? Don't do kind deeds for anyone? I don't care what your faith is, isn't. That's irrelevant to me. But if you leave everybody "alone", then "alone" is all you'll be left with. There can not be change without action. And you're going to act. So will your actions be productive or destructive? C'mon! Let's play the game! There' can only be winners! @oo: suppose I am "twelve"--have I suggested anything that is impossible? Since when is choosing to get off your @$$ and help others instead of bashing their beliefs or non-beliefs merely a child's dream? If that's the case, then yeah, I choose to be a twelve year old who wants to be productive over an "adult" who chooses insults and rudeness as ways to get a worthless point across...
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April April | 1 day ago
material gestures such as paying somebody else's bill, giving out stuff are not in my view ways of making the world a better place.. A start would be if people stopped interfering with each others lives with bigotry, racism and general ignorance.. Next educate.. if you know something and it could help somebody else, teach them how to do it themselves.. Knowledge is not a material object and has a far higher value as it eradicates ignorance, poverty etc.. Sure mowing an old persons lawn is fine, but it shouldn't become something you carry about as an ego prize to gloat about. Otherwise your intentions are selfish ultimately.. Do things because you can, not because of a belief or indoctrination..
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April Originally Answered: Atheists Vs. Theists?
Actually, I've seen that theists of different religions often feel they have something common, whereas atheists are a "threat" to both. They can understand others having different beliefs about God; but they can't abide someone rejecting all supernatural beliefs. It's often easier for theists to think of atheism as a "religion", and that we have "faith", because it lets them put their own system of beliefs on even footing with our position. However, this simply isn't true: atheism is a lack of faith and lack of religious belief. “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” - Stephen Roberts

Zackery Zackery
How about people of faith leave people of other faiths (and, of no faith) alone? BY THE WAY - ATHEISTS ALREADY DO THIS. Here is a small gesture people can do - when a lesbian says she wants to marry her partner, and she lives in Florida, and you live in Texas, then stfu because there is no way what she will do will impact your life at all. =======================================... Additional Details "@SupaStar: when you say "leave people of other faiths...alone" .............. If I NEED or WANT your help, I will ASK for it. At that time, you are free to assist or not. I am not ASKING for help or opinions on, say, whether my partner and I should get married, so I would appreciate it if people would stay out of our lives. =============================== I think some here suggested you are 12 because it seems as if you do not understand this simple, adult concept: SOMETIMES, the BEST action is NO action.
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Shimi Shimi
Let me guess. You are twelve... ADDENDUM Let me amend that guess: six. Toots, I help more people than you will ever know, or begin to help. Sorry if reality offends you, but mindless Pollyannas offend me. Help by buying a prom dress? You have got to be kidding? That is help? How about help to learn so she can graduate instead of being socially promoted? Such a concept, huh? Cold water for morons dancing on corners with signs? If you mean sign spinners, they have water. If you mean OWS idiots, they can drop dead for all I care. Come back when you actually figure out something meaningful to do to "help".
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Ocean Ocean
for sure not! Arguing and disagreeing is what we human beings do surprising, because it stretches our minds. for sure we ought to continually nevertheless snicker about it too, and the thanks to advance the business gadget is yet another subject matter that has many conflicting critiques. it really is our nature to finish that, and that's via this shaking down of ideas that make purely the reliable ones live to inform the tale. lengthy would it proceed! reliable success with college BTW!
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Lark Lark
Make this an international law: All people have the right to do, think, believe, and say whatever they want as long as it does not harm others or take/try to take this freedom away from other people.
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"What if the imagination is not actually "make believe" and we are creating these things in a separate dimension?" Yeah, I understand what you're suggesting but NO. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. "you research NDE's" NDEs are about the brain being starved of normal chemicals via blood flow. Without those chemicals the equivalent of acid trips happen. Acid trip are not classified as 'real' reality. ~

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