How did hip-hop positively influence your life?

How did hip-hop positively influence your life? Topic: How to write a research paper for beginners
July 17, 2019 / By Charla
Question: I'm writing a research paper about the positive influence hip-hop has on American culture and I was hoping to get some stories or possibly some direct quotes. So if you reply, please be aware that I may or may not be quoting you, so please leave your first and last name. Thanks. Yeah, social security will work too. Smh... and like I said it's for my research paper, if you don't feel comfortable leaving your name ((make one up)). It's not like me or my professor would know.
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Arden Arden | 2 days ago
Well I'm a beginner producer, so it's given me a job opportunity. The rap I do listen to gives me keen insight on certain values of American culture, and how hip hop really effects the minds of teenagers. The rap I don't necessarily like gives me ideas on how to change it. Old school conscious rap gives me more of a reason to be suspicious of my local/state/federal government, not saying anything is wrong with it, but you still kind of wonder. It brings me closer to a lot of interesting and influential people, which is always good. It has made me more politically active, for example I listened to P.E.'s Fight The Power and it made me join my local child government society. And without hip hop my life would kind of be boring and mundane.
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You've asked a good question, A K. There is so much that can be written in answer to your question (pages worth!). To begin, it's important to decipher why the negative thinking is taking place. Long-term depression? A particular situation that precipitated it? Home or work environment? Relationship (s)? All sorts of factors can be at play here. Why don't you try this and see if it works for you. If this is meant for someone else, then pass it on. Instead of identifying yourself as a negative minded person, try to understand that your thoughts are NOT you. They are mental states that occur within you and are always changing. Believe it or not, if you were to really take the time to observe your thoughts, you would soon find out that not all of them are negative ones. Too often we identify who we are based on our feelings or thoughts (e.g "I am sad" rather than "I feel sad"). When a person is depressed, especially if it ongoing, it is very difficult for them to see the positive in things. In this case, they might want to seek professional help (medications being the last resort). Whether the negative-mindedness is due to clinical depression, the blues or something else, there are a number of things you can do to change this negativity. You can make a list of healthy things you like to do, and start doing them. Getting out for a nice refreshing walk can do wonders for your state of mind. So can eating healthy foods (each meal should consist of a good source of protein, complex carbs, fruits, veggies). Get adequate sleep. Avoid alcohol and drugs (many act as depressants). Mind and body are so interconnected. If you're out walking notice any negative thoughts that might come up (e.g. mentally criticizing the person walking toward you). Acknowledge the thought by labelling "judging" or whatever other label applies. Do the same with other thoughts and feelings. By doing so, you begin to change the way your mind sees these things, because you are not coming from a place of either strongly identifying with or reacting to them. Studies have shown that new neural pathways in the brain are formed when we consciously and repeatedly incorporate what has just been suggested. The same thing happens when we learn to play a new muscial instrument. The new way you think and and respond to things literally creates lasting changes in your brain! By beginning to accept the moment for what it is, you understand that the negative mind states are not permanent; they are always changing; they are not solid. If you don't feed into them by either pushing them away or identifying with them, then they can't take over. You've given these mind states no ground to stand on. Also, reframe negative thoughts, once you've ackowledged and accepted these thoughts. For example, if you're thinking "It's raining outside. It's going to be a lousy day.", try replacing this thought with "It's raining outside. Rain is cleansing and nourishing. I am a survivor. Think I'll go get my umbrella and go for a walk." I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. Your concern for either your own situation or someone else, shows that you care. Good for you.

Zadok Zadok
This is an Era of music that now spans over 2 generations! Everything we do in our culture today is/has been directly influenced by Hip-Hop. The economic push of the Hip-Hop generation has done so much for the world because of the influence of what consumers see in music videos and magazines. Our style is everywhere and is used to ultimately determine what is cool/Hip(Hop:)!
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Sholto Sholto
I ain't american so I can't help you haha But for real it's like the best thing in my life after the family... -You ain't scared of any challenge -You keep pushing forward no matter what -You don't care what other people think -You do you re own thank in any situation -You keep you friends close like brothers -Every beat you hear makes your heart beat stronger and stronger -You are smarter cause you keep listening experiences of other people -YOU CAN ACHIVE ANYTHING YOU RE MIND PUT'S ON THE TABLE CAUSE SKY IS THE LIMIT
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Oded Oded
i do no longer think of that that's detrimental yet I do believe that that's regressive. issues have replaced lots by using fact the days the place maximum Black households have been working type those with sturdy morals and a schedule to pass to church each and every Sunday. each and every race has its down fall or perhaps nevertheless alot of Black all and sundry is unsuccessful in each and every way, alot of Black all and sundry is progressing and analyzing onward and such.
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Larkin Larkin
The most important thing hiphop has taught me is probably to push on when things get rough and when the going gets tough you have to keep on fighting for what you believe in and dont give up ..im not leaving my name.
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