Help me kill my character on my novel?

Help me kill my character on my novel? Topic: Action words for writing a novel
July 17, 2019 / By Charleen
Question: Okay, I know the question was weird.I just don't know how to put my question into words. English is not my first language. So I'm trying to write a novel and the ending would be tragic. It's a love story and the boy would die in the end, but I don't know how to. Can you suggest some ways that could kill this character? I'm thinking his drug-addicted(mad, crazy) xgirlfriend killed him after trying to save the girl (his ex girlfriend kidnapped the girl and tortured her inside an abandoned barn). Does that sound too much action for a romance novel? There's kidnapping and shooting and riding horses..I think it's too much? Help please! Thank you so much.
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Aretha Aretha | 3 days ago
If it's a romantic story it shouldn't have a lot of action. I like the idea of Charlotte's. But poor girl (in the book). Anyway good luck with your book. x
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Aretha Originally Answered: How should I kill off this character?
Kumar is obviously in his 60's fearing the world will come to this. Its a story bro, you should legit take a chill pill. This guy/girl is probably younger writing a story for fun which I support far beyond the things "Kids" do for "Fun" these days. I seriously think the first option would follow the story line a lot better. I also think it is more depressing than option number 2, because ultimate depression for a mom would hit at that single moment. Introducing this character "Amy" seems to rushed... Also, I'd love to read the story once it is finished! If you can, go and edit your post and I will provide an email for you to send me the story. I'd also be open to helping you with any more problems if you encounter them!
Aretha Originally Answered: How should I kill off this character?
Personally, I would be more affected by option number 2! Primarily down to the fact that Sarah's been given this good bit of happiness in what seems to be a baron, desperate world, and for her to come to terms with someone essentially working against them really drives home the 'shock factor' that things aren't going to lighten up for the characters.

Zak Zak
Yes if it's a Romance novel you cant have guns going off and full pact action there has to be a romantic way for him to die like a bullet was shot at his girlfriend but the boy jumped and the bullet hit him instead and then you could write a whole mushy love scene that will make the reader want to cry if the girlfriend killed him it wouldn't really be like a Romance novel more like a action story. don't make the story too far fetch remember you want the story to seem Realistic. by the way your english is good :) hope i helped.
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Shylock Shylock
I think it's a good story, and the ex girlfriend should tell him to take her back, or she'll kill his girlfriend and the boy says he'd rather die saving his love, then live the rest of my life with you. then his girlfriend runs to him and they hug, but as they're hugging the ex shoots at his girlfriend with a gun, but he pushes his girlfriend out out the way and takes the bullet himself. Sad ending though :'(
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Shylock Originally Answered: How to kill a character in a book?
While I have had several dying characters give last words, I do also like the idea of her dying instantly or unconscious so she does not get them. It would really make her twin brother's anguish worse because he did not get to say good-bye.

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