I wrote this apology poem for a girl?

I wrote this apology poem for a girl? Topic: How to write a good poem about myself
July 19, 2019 / By Charlene
Question: She was a very close friend of mine. I like her as more than a friend, but she has a boyfriend. We got into a fight and I told her I didn't want to be her friend anymore. Later, I apologized and she said she wanted to talk it over and try to continue being friends, but she is still pissed at me. So I wrote her this poem to tell her that I still want to be her friend........give me feedback please: Every friend I've ever had Eventually will leave. Pretty boys get second chances, But never me. I don't know if I can fix this, But I wish you'd let me try. Because I've lost too many friends And I don't know if I Can stand to fight with you anymore. Will you just believe me when I say That I'm sorry? Because I'm sorry. I lost someone important to me And I regret it every day. So please don't be like everyone else, Please don't walk away And leave me.
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Ariadne Ariadne | 4 days ago
I think it's really sweet that you have made the effort to write a poem, and it's really good, but it seems to be quite rich in self pity rather than apology. Keep it the same but add a couple of lines about how good a friend she is and why you don't want to lose her, and it'll do nicely I reckon! Xx
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Ariadne Originally Answered: What you think of this poem I wrote about a girl?
It depends. If you were dating her, and now broke up because you realized you had hurt her and want to set her free to make her happy eventhough it kills you inside, then it's a cool poem. But if you're just stalking her and making her feel creepy and hence not smiling anymore, then shred this poem because the cops can use it as evidence if something should ever happen to the girl.

Zalmon Zalmon
Well, it is a very sweet poem, and it sounds honest as well. I think that perhaps you risk being put into that category of doom know as, "such a nice guy". A suggestion? Instead of opening the poem by pointing out that you're not a "pretty boy" you could tweak it a bit to remind her of why the two of you are such good friends. The first four lines could be mistaken as whining. A stanza that shows a wonderful memory would grab her attention immediately, and (hopefully) pique her interest as well. Good luck!
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Sib Sib
I agree with Hannah. The last line disrupts the flow and throws the whole thing off. Other than that I think she'll like it.
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Odran Odran
i like the poem. yet what are you speaking approximately? "The squirrel with the fedora hat is sorry & asks for forgiveness. If forgiven we are waiting to pass attempt & eat soup with Chopsticks. Or might you like eating Baked Potato with Chopsticks? lol." what? is it an indoors humorous tale between you and your buddy? lol....
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Larry Larry
I would leave out the end part - "and leave me." it seems unecessary and kind of disrupts the flow.
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Larry Originally Answered: I want to ask a girl out with a poem I wrote?
You legend! Thats a good move you're about to make.Thats going to make you feel proud no matter what happens.I wrote a song for a woman for similar reasons.We are doing good things for these women. Change the "take my hand and go out to dinner with me to "take my hand and spend some time with me". Dont forget to put your name on the poem so she knows thats it from youAnd git it to her yourself.Let her know its from you..Its very romantic.She should be impressed.Dont be put off if she blows you off.You'll then find that you dont want her.There are plenty of girls who love poems.Make your move and hope you win the girl's heart. If she likes the poem encourage her to talk with you..Dont sign it your admirer.Put your name there.

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