Why are Liberals the brightest in school and higher eductation?

Why are Liberals the brightest in school and higher eductation? Topic: Obama thesis in college
July 18, 2019 / By Charley
Question: The Einsteins, Bertrand Russells, Isaac Newtons, 90% of professors in the world, etc. Why is there such a strong correlation between being a liberal and having relatively higher capacity for advanced learning and understanding? Dare I say the brightest in all my classes were always the liberals!
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Best Answers: Why are Liberals the brightest in school and higher eductation?

Ariana Ariana | 5 days ago
Is it because liberals are the best at making up facts and figures, with no basis in reality (like you are doing right now)?...Which reminds me, where are Obama's college records and grades that prove he graduated top of his class like so many liberals claim?...Oh, that's right, he had all of those records sealed and said they are "off-limits"...Even his college thesis was "lost" by himself, his professor AND his college!...Imagine that. One shining example of liberal brilliance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm1KOBMg1...
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Sibald Sibald
So how do you know that The Einsteins, Bertrand Russells, Isaac Newtons where liberals? Ridiculous.
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Ofer Ofer
It just could be the liberal indoctrination they all get when they me a professor. Einstein and others like him are obviously exceptional thinkers. I like to think. I like to and have invented things. I'm a Republican. My IQ is 145. I think liberals have their own definition of intelligence. You might dare to say all of the brightest people in your classes were/are liberals but you didn't feel the need to support it with any theory or links.
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