Who else is getting homework on Mw3 release?

Who else is getting homework on Mw3 release? Topic: homework page
July 17, 2019 / By Chastity
Question: IM GOING TO GET A **** TON OF HOMEWORK THAT DAY!!!! 4 pages of math, 10 pages to read of history Need to edit a writing i did, retarded *** ART homework, whats the point? 24 problems of science. AND WHEN ALL THAT SHITZ DONE I WILL ONLY HAVE LIKE 30 MIN TO PLAY BEFORE MY GRANDMA USES THE TV, AND MY COUSIN WILL BE USES DA OTHER TV TO PLAY METAL GEAR AND ****!!!!!!! my freinds that dont even get homework will call me a noob cuz they will be higher levels :'(
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