Have you taken SSRI's temporaily? I have so many different questions on personal experiences?

Have you taken SSRI's temporaily? I have so many different questions on personal experiences? Topic: How to write a self-help book and get published
July 17, 2019 / By Chelle
Question: This morning I was severely depressed and just out of it...day 2 on Paxil...when is the best time to take it? I figured morning was but I have read many who take it at night. I have been suffering from severe anxiety since about a week and a half ago and have been using Xanax to take the edge off as well. My boyfriend's mother was apparently put on anti-anxiety medications a few years ago after having a stroke and used them for about 6 months. She also began exercising, eating very healthy, and eventually weaned (sp?) herself off of the meds and now uses natural herbal medication to help with any anxiety. My doctor thinks that my anxiety and problems have happened bc of a lot stress Ive been enduring...Again I am taking 10 mg of Paxil, and exercised (which helped take me out of my rut) but what else can I do to ease my anxiety/depression and help my body and mind recover? My goal is to become healthier and to eventually not need to rely on medication either...Oh I should mention my money situation is not good. I am out of work and can begin my new job now but I'm fearful since I am still trying to manage and function with the anxiety/depression. I don't use caffeine either.... I just want to take control and get myself to a better me then I was even before this bs happened. Any websites? Self-help books? Foods to avoid? Diets to follow? Anything that can help?
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Arlie Arlie | 2 days ago
You say you want to "wean" off medications. The best way to do this I have found is by recognizing that anxiety is from a real or subconscious fear of something (like being out of work and not able to pay bills) and clinical depression is from a habitual habit of thinking negatively. To rid your self of a fear you have to know what you are afraid of and face that fear with a positive attitude you can do something to overcome it. If your fear is subconscious it may be hard to identify it. A counselor may be of help here. An habitual habit of thinking negatively is self reinforcing. It requires willfully stopping the negative thought patterns (which result in a down feeling) and substituting positive thoughts The constant pattern of negative thoughts and the resulting depression which leads to more negative thought s can be broken. It may require a therapist. You say you have financial problems so a high priced therapist or meds may be difficult. I'm going to recommend a group called "recovery Incorporated" which is a non-profit, non-religious, psychotherapy organization which has been in operation since sometime in the 1950's. It has chapters in many major cities of the world. It was founded by a psychiatrist, Abraham A. Low, MD who wrote the defining book, "Mental Health through Will training" which was last published in 1997 by Willett Pub. Co., Glencoe IL,60022 You can find out where and how to get in contact with local chapters of this organization by contacting: www.recovery-inc.org, or [email protected], or by phone at: 1-312-337-5661 Hope this helps, good mental health, peace and Love!
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I have been using Explore Talent for 3 years or so and I love it. And yes anyone who does not understand what explore talent is will end up feeling like it is a scam, so let me give you some details. Explore Talent is a job resource site for people who want to work within the world of Hollywood, they offer thousands of castings and auditions for everything from crew jobs to dancing, modeling and acting. Explore Talent made life easier for me by having everything located in one place, so it saves me hours upon hours daily that use to be spend searching 100s of web sites to find these casting and auditions for myself. So a good friend of mine told me about explore talent as that was how he got started acting and built his resume, he even told me that he got his smaller in between projects via explore talent. So I joined and ever since have been loving every minute of it. I always pay for the one year package because it ends up to cost about $0.50/day and is well worth it. Because they send me casting I match by look and or location I don't have to spend time searching...although I still search there site from time to time. I submit myself to the jobs I am interested in and have landed so very many jobs this through Explore Talent. It is important to understand that like anything else to get roles and jobs you have to be prepared before your audition and be well rehearsed. You want to be persistent in getting your name out there via submissions and never give up on yourself. You will get so many Nos before you get a yes...this is because it is a very competitive industry with 100s and sometimes 1000s going out for the same job. And like everything else the decision on who gets the work lands on the big boss...in this case that would be the casting director and the casting director only. (So even and agent can't really promise you work as they are not the casting directors.) And if you read up on it you will find good and bad, people complain about everything under the sun, it seems to me that these days people want to sit around and have everything handed to them with out any effort being put forth. Well in the real world you have to put effort into anything you do....no matter how big you are....even the big stars still have to do a read and audition unless a role was written for them. So always keep that in mind to. So when you are reading through stuff try to keep in the back of your mind that companies are posting that stuff....and yes even the BBB should have huge complaints and an F considering....businesses are out to make money or they would be running. Well the BBB charges companies to get better grades in order to look good to the ignorant public. And even if you read about AT&T, 24 Hour Fitness, Starbucks, and many more you will see that they have Ds and Fs, because good companies would rather spend time effort and money to make things run so that the customers they have continue to be happy. Just understand that explore talent is NOT an agency it IS a job resource site...and when used correctly is very benefiting. They even have a set up to help you create a resume in proper and professional layout.
Arlie Originally Answered: Is Explore Talent legit? (Personal Experiences only!)?
I ordered a two year membership and got cast for several productions, and then I also got cast in a pilot for a TV show... it never was made into a TV show after filming but it was great exposure/connection experience, and they have 3 years to consider making it, so there is a possibility. You just have to be careful and look into what you are doing and make sure it is legit. But my experience was good and I made about $3000 in 2 years doing non union work. It just depends on your stats, your resume, how good you are, and how DEDICATED you are. If you are not 199% dedicated and go out of your way to do this, then don't. If this is your life, your passion, etc and you are dedicated then go for it!
Arlie Originally Answered: Is Explore Talent legit? (Personal Experiences only!)?
This has been asked many times. Do a search, or do you not like the fact that many many people on this board who know the entertainment industry call this for what it is - a SCAM. The only legit sites for self submission are actorsaccess.com and castingnetworks.com (a little more regional). The fact is that the sites like Explore Talent (and Talent Hunter, Instacast, Talent 6, etc) simply copy postings from the above mentioned sites and repost it. I've heard many a story about a casting that was originally posted on actorsaccess.com ONLY, and then ended up, amazingly, on a number of these other sites without the persmission of the original poster. The real problem is, that by the time the posting was copied and posted, the audition from the original posting had already taken place and was cast. Bottom line - NOT LEGIT. But if you want to waste your money, then go for it.

Zechariah Zechariah
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Mormons are people. Some are good. Some are bad. They're often misquoted and misunderstood. (I mean, c'mon. A stake president isn't going to sit down and talk to you if you just show up to a stake conference, he's BUSY. You have to make an appointment. Even then, we're not supposed to have answers handed to us, but are supposed to work for them. Whoever said "he'll answer your questions" didn't arrange it with him first.) A mission is when a young man (19) or young woman (21) go on a mission for anywhere from 18months to 2 years, sometimes more or less. They pay their way and spend the time proselytizing or doing good works or volunteering, depending on what they're called to do. Think of it as a tithe on time. They got 19-21 years, God now gets 10% of that, or close to 2 years. I've met the best and worst. They're most certainly NOT perfect, and some are judgmental jerks. Others are wonderful and will do everything to help you with no expectation of you paying them back. Add: Oh, I added the links because of the misinformation being spread about the church and prop-8, including an article written by a no-on-8 supporter who talks about yes, it would have affected the schools. Sorry, it wasn't misinformation. It was reality.
Zechariah Originally Answered: What do you think the Mormon Church is? (Only people who have had personal experiences with them)?
They are peculiar. The devout are very committed to follow the tenants of their faith. This includes a law of health, tithes and offerings, proselyting. You can watch a channel on Dish network that is run by mormons - Ch: 9402 - BYU TV. It gives a good synopsis of what they are all about. I took a look at their website. www.mormon.org You may wish to do so for yourself. Local pastors have accused them of being a cult. I've come to recognize they truly are christians. They even have a proclamation of Jesus on their website. Its actually more than I've seen on other faiths. I wish more people were as committed to following at least something like the mormon tenants. The world would be a lot better off. Family, No drugs or alcohol, integrity, morality etc.

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