How man Catholics feel that the Church has too many rules and regulations and have Struggled with their faith?

How man Catholics feel that the Church has too many rules and regulations and have Struggled with their faith? Topic: Case string bash
July 17, 2019 / By Chelsea
Question: What I am Asking is how many Catholics have wanted to leave the Church because the string of Protocol and this and that's. I went to Confession today and I was talking to the Priest because I want to to get our marriage Recognized but more importantly get our children baptized. My wife is not Catholic nor will she ever be and she doesn't care if I raise our daughters to be but I put it on hold because I wanted to reach the 2 years so I don't have to take classed which I don't have time to take or can afford to take and I was told I could not take communion which I did not know because Ive been taking communion for a year now. Feel kinda insulted and at times I feel very much of the Church is Man made too much Doctrine and not enough Bible. I Don't want long explanations on the history out of the catechism I know why . I want to know how many Catholics feel that the Church complicates thing's too much and feel that a lot of it is man made doctrine. I don't believe that there is one True Church I think Christ is universal so long as that Church follows the Bible. Maybe that makes me a bad Catholic but that's kinda hard to call me when 82% of Catholics Are in favor of contraceptives and 98 percent of Catholic Woman Use Contraceptives those are statistics they very over the years increasingly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_Family_Planning. So I want to know how many struggle with this Faith I'm not Bashing the Church I think it's a great church I enjoy going to both Mass and Confession but sometimes I have issues with all the Dogma and I feel it looses sight of the simplicity of spiritual faith when I have to go through all the loops to have my marriage recognized even though I was married by a minister and the only reason we did that was that it was cheaper than getting married in the church and paying 500 dollars and we could get married outside Catholic Church doesn't do outside wedding. And I already know why they don't and why my marriage is considered "civil". I'm asking for Honest heart felt answers pleas no Atheist or non Catholics I don't need information on why these things are the way they are I have a computer and a catechism thank you and I don't need harsh judgmental comments remember if you judge me that's a sin too so please only those who have dealt with these feelings and will answer honestly. To the lady that stated I'm complaining I'm not trying to or to start a debate or a war. You have to understand the process to get marriage validated is lengthy between a Catholic and non Catholic and especially when your wife doesn't act like she want to go through with it. In my Case I have to present my Baptism from one Church My Confirmation from another, our marriage certificate, Her baptism and then We may or may not have to take a class or classes and like I said we have a hectic schedule and sometimes they want 150 dollars or more to take the classes and then they send it off to the bishop and he has to approve it because I married a non Catholic Nazarene Protestant which to me I don't care that's she not I love her very much but yeah It's lengthy it would just be easier if they just took us into a chapel and did a quick ceremony so yeah I'm a little flabbergasted and you have to understand my wife probably doesn't want to do all that so I'm To those who might Suggest I leave I can not do this I have left the Church Before and it never felt right in my heart and I never felt at home in any other Church. I strongly believe in Confession it is not just Catholic tradition other Churches particularly Angelic Churches still practice this and I feel better when I go I get spiritual advice it's cheap therapy. But yes I am very simple I got church Confession and I read the Bible I base all that I practice from the Bible. I like to keep my faith simple. I love the Church but I don't agree with every single thing 99% a very small amount that I don't see eye to eye with not enough for me to leave. But like I said I just want honest answers I have a feeling not too many will answer for fear of others judging them. This is just something I'm going through it doesn't mean I'm going to leave the Church or that I'm not going to try to get my marriage validated it just means that I sometimes question the Doctrin
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Arline Arline | 3 days ago
I do not feel that the Catholic Church has too many rules and regulations as I know that it is the Church that was founded by Christ when He said to our first Pope St. Peter: "you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Matthew 16:18-19) I can understand to a degree why you are struggling as I lived with my husband before we were married and found it very difficult to get to the point where we wanted to get married (my husband had been married before by the Justice of the Peace---since he also wasn't baptized and his ex was Catholic---all that was needed was her Baptismal Certificate and the marriage was dissolved---this unsuccessful marriage for my husband and us letting ourselves live in sin did not make wanting to get married whatsoever). What I am trying to tell you is that this made it very difficult for me as how I would have loved to go receive our Lord Jesus-Christ in Holy Communion, but I couldn't, it was hard to go to Confession as I had to have the intention of not sleeping with my then live-in "husband" in order to be able to receive Absolution and Communion....................in all honesty, I realized that it indeed was not the Church but me that was in the wrong--------------just as we parents must make rules that our children often find difficult to obey, the same goes for our Heavenly Father who indeed knows what is the best for His children and what will bring them to Heaven. I feel for you, but also know that it is for your and your family's best just as in my case. I was somewhat surprised when this elderly lady that I like to talk to who is a very pious Catholic told me that when she was listening to EWTN Mother Angelica had told this lady who had said that she was asking for her friend----telling her how her friend had gotten married not realizing it was an invalid marriage at the time and that she and her spouse had children and she was finding very hard to cope as she didn't want to leave the marriage and that it would be hard on the children......well Mother Angelica answered told her that she (she had guessed that she was talking about herself and not a "friend") make it a habit to go to the Blessed Sacrament and praying and adoring there and giving this matter to Jesus. I would think that this would be very good advice to you also-----I have been through more difficult times when it pertains to our Catholic Faith and know how difficult it is when we end up in situations that make it very difficult for us to do what our Faith asks of us. That is when we need to keep being faithful and turn to God for help in order to bring about the conversion we need---------------I can understand that it must be very difficult to live in the situation you do and to want to be able to obey the Church as you should=====like Mother Angelica suggested to that lady in a similar situation, why don't you go spend an hour a week (or even everyday) with our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament---and trust that He loves you deeply and understands that you are having trouble getting out of "the net" you are now entangled in-----trust indeed that He will get you out-----God never rejects the prayer for conversion.
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Zed Zed
Well since you already know and realize that many of the teachings of the Catholic Church are not biblical and if you are reading the Bible then you probably know which ones like being married in the church is not necessary and it is still recognized by God. Realize that if your wife is not willing to convert then it is not likely you will get recognized. Many people leave the Catholic Church for the reasons you state of the extra rules some leave off following the Lord entirely others will join other churches. Feel free to stay with the Catholic church and remember to read and follow the Bible as long as you do remember that your first relationship is with God, Your second is with your wife for the two shall become one and the church comes after that.
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Simon Simon
In many ways I know what you are talking about. I was married to my husband for 10 years before we got our marriage validated in the church. I was told by 2 different priests to not receive communion. And so I was withheld communion for 10 years. It was hard, and painful, and it was a big blow to my pride, that through my sins I was not able to receive the body of Christ. And so I left the church for 10 years. I think during my time away from the church I too felt that it was the church that needed to change it's protocols. But in the end I realized that that is like saying to God that he needs to bend his will to mine. I think that was a huge indication of how huge my pride was. I expected and demanded that the church look at my sins as virtue. Which they were not, they were sins. By my actions I had made myself in schism with the faith and had an invalid marriage outside the church...and I expected the church to look at these actions as virtuous. Yes, it was hard to reconcile my self with the church. It was only by the grace of God that brought me back. And yes the church teachings were hard for me to bend my will to, but that was because I had to give up my pride. It does seem to be easier to sin than to live a life of virtue. And I suspect that that is the way it is for many people today also. For me that is evident by many of the things you posted. You say 98% of Catholic women use birth control...and these women want the church to accept this sin as virtue. Not only that but secular society wants Catholic institutions to provide contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs to it's employees. So now secular society wants the church to participate in their sins and see it as virtuous. I suppose I'm getting off topic. You and I have both committed the same sin of having an invalid marriage and living with someone out of wedlock. The church desperately wants you back. But, it cannot condone your sins or any sins for that matter. That is why you cannot receive communion. You'll be compounding your problems by receiving the body of Christ sacrilegiously. It does take humility to live in virtue, and to admit your wrong doings, and try to live a virtuous life. I will pray for you, as there have been many people who have prayed for me.
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On On
. I'm sorry that my answer won't be exactly what you were hoping for, but I just wanted to say that the Catholic Church and it's clergy, have become much like the Jewish Clergy of Jesus day. Jesus said of them: "You overstep God's teaching with your traditions. You teach commandments of men as doctrine." God turned his back on Israel because of their unfaithfulness to him. The Churches of today have the same obligation to God that the ancient Jewish faith did. They MUST teach the truth from his word....or God will turn his back on them. .
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