How is it common sense that God does not exist?

How is it common sense that God does not exist? Topic: Give a conclusion of the person of christ
July 17, 2019 / By Chelsey
Question: Some atheists claim that common sense led them to believe that God does not exist, but how does common sense lead to such a conclusion? @Pony Why do you think they call it "supernatural"? The supernatural is beyond that natural, not contradictory to it. How does the existence of God in the supernatural directly contradict the world of the natural? Can you give some examples to where God's existence contradicts natural laws? Furthermore, just because a few religions have been debunked, that doesn't mean all religions are false. Can you show me from the Bible that God does things that are contradictory to proven science?
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Aryana Aryana | 4 days ago
Not believing in God has nothing to do with common sense. It's somebody's belief system, just like believing in God is another's belief system. Everyone who says there is no evidence of God just hasn't tried to see the evidence that's everywhere. Those who say they can't believe what they can't see, well, St. Thomas said the same thing, until he saw...and then Christ reminded us that we are blessed if we believe even when we can't see. And why would that be? Because it takes faith. All belief systems require faith. That's why they are called beliefs instead of facts. It does not make logical sense, or common sense, to assert that because one has not seen God, or seen evidence of God, that God does not exist. I have not seen a rocket ship, but I believe they exist...because I take the word of others who have seen them. If a person doesn't have the ability to see the evidence of God for himself, it would only make sense that he take the word of those who have seen the evidence of God's existence, until he sees it for himself. That would be common sense. I haven't seen Mars, or Jupiter, but I believe they exist. If somebody said I've never seen Jupiter so that's proof it doesn't exist, you wouldn't say he has common sense. You'd say he was an idiot. Jupiter is physical. God is Spirit. There are those with enough knowledge of the physical world to convince us who cannot see Jupiter that it exists. Well, there are those with enough spiritual knowledge and intelligence who have seen the evidence of God's existence, who can tell us about that, too. It does NOT make sense to listen to one and not the other. The thing of it is, anyone who seek God will find the evidence he needs to believe. So no...it is not common sense to disbelieve God. It is common foolishness and a lack of logical thinking. Thanks for asking.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah
"God" is a subjective concept to an individual. One person can believe one thing, another can believe an entirely different thing. Though there are organized religions, very few people believe in the EXACT same thing, through and through. Science relies on factual evidence that proves what is, or isn't. It matters not what someone believes, gravity will always happen, grass will grow, and the sun will shine. Since the belief of God or faith cannot be calculated, measured, tested, or proven outside the mind of an individual, it cannot be called scientific. It's the same for ALL religions that believe in the supernatural or miracles and such. I don't need to go into specifics, but read the bible. Take note of all the acts God has done, and ask yourself, should you worship this being? Read into other religions and do the same. People come to realize how awful some of these gods are, so why give them any of your time when you can live your life, your way? EDIT: yachadhoo - how do you know God made the hut? Why were you placed on a deserted island? You can imagine a creator all you want... but you'll be dead from starvation and dehydration. What kind of creator would place you there?
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Sinclair Sinclair
When you hear a claim about something existing, but the person making the claim can provide no evidence whatsoever to show the claim is "true," it's common sense to give the claim no merit. That not only goes for claims about gods, but for claims about "the supernatural," too. "Can you show me from the bible that god does things that are contradictory to proven science?" Sure. The first human male was not made fully-formed from dirt. The first human female was not made fully formed from the male's rib. There was no global flood. The "tower of babel" story is false. There was no hebrew captivity in Egypt, and no "exodus." The sun cannot be "stopped in the sky." Pi is not 3. Bats are not birds. Shall I go on, or is that enough? Peace.
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Onam Onam
Common sense is a derivative of Occam's Razor. Why invent something that is not needed to explain something and, in fact, complicates the answer? God's existence contradicts natural laws in exactly the same way leprechauns and pink unicorns do. It doesn't because it is not necessary nor sensible. Sorry, but there is nothing in the bibble even closely related to science. There is much in disconcert with it, yet you deny them all.
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Layne Layne
Even at the expense of offending theists, it just seems the more logical conclusion. I am aware that there are multiple religions and claims about higher powers. All I can say is that no matter how you dress it up, faith is belief without evidence. There is nothing "moral" in believing any report and faith should never supersede reason. I also don't see how one could expect victory out of this post. The inability to disprove a negative is not evidence for the validity of that negative.
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Adam and Jesus. This would mean the universe is approximately 6,000 years old. You were going really well till you jumped to an assumption..there are four thousand years between Adam and Christ, this does not state that there were two thousand years before Adam.. The Bible does not refer to how long a day of creation is we do know the time from Adam is around 6000 years this is not from the creation fo the world but from the creation of man. As far as John contradicting Genesis read all of John it also says no one has seen God...Christ is the Son who is God who became a man..Jesus is indeed God as John states clearly. Understand that the Son became a man and is not the whole of God but was a man. Matt 4:8: " Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them."Unless the world is flat, altitude simply will not help you see all the kingdoms of the earth. Obviously the writer would have know this would he not? It was a revelation not a literal seeing the entire kingdoms of the world. Then again with the Noah thing..You find it possible that God could create the world but he can't manage a few animals on an ark... friend if you don't want to believe the word of God one could find reasons..The truth is not known by your carnal mind but is revealed by God through the spirit to those who love and seek his truth. radtaz of course then Christ is a Lamb and a rock. The problem you are having and will continue to have is you expect to comprehend infinite God with your finite sinful flesh. Have you read in the Bible how the truth is revealed through the spirit? Have you read of the Holy Spirit that will lead you in all truth? As I have said there are many things in the word of God that will catch your flesh..Flesh and blood will not enter the kingdom of heaven. God is an eternal spirit and his truth is revealed through the spirit.

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