What do you hate about make-up?

What do you hate about make-up? Topic: Mini research papers
July 19, 2019 / By Cherette
Question: I'm trying to write an editorial for my local newspaper on beauty related issues. For research, my question is what is the most difficult thing about make-up? What do you hate about cosmetics the most? Your difficulties and hatred can range from anything. Whether it be applying make-up to finding the correct shade, please let me know: what, for you personally, is the hardest thing about make-up?
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Asenath Asenath | 7 days ago
1) The way make-up is produced. Many of the make-up companies test their finished products on animals. If not their finished products, various ingredients that are needed for the product to be produced. Also, some companies tend to lie and claim their products to be 100% cruel free, when it clearly isn’t. 2) Many of the make-up products are never long lasting. Also they can slide and look oily on your face within hours. You have to apply a primer before you apply make-up or use blotting papers frequently throughout the day to make sure it all doesn’t wear off. Make-up should be produced in such a way that we wouldn’t have to use a primer and blotting papers. 3) The cost of make-up. Why are all the products that contain “healthy” ingredients for our skin so expensive? Personally, I think all make-up brands, especially drugstore brands, should start using harmless ingredients to make their products. Even though using healthy ingredients might cost them a lot of money, customers are bond to go crazy over their products if they used more natural and organic ingredients. 4) Many of the make-up products come without a tool. For instance, a pressed powder isn’t provided with a sponge and a blusher isn’t provided with a blusher brush. Customers should not have to buy sponges and make-up brushes separately rather make most of their money and buy products that provides its own mini tool. 5) Finding the right foundation or powder colour is a right pain. Many companies don’t produce variety of colours and it’s sometimes difficult for people to find a foundation or powder that matches their skin tone. Drugstore brands rarely have a big variety of colours to choose from, and it makes it difficult for students or people with a low budget to buy a foundation or powder that at least matches their skin tone. Many of the expensive brands, such as MAC, have a big variety of skin colours to choose from, yet it just isn’t affordable for some people. Good luck, I hope this helped :)
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