C#.Net Remoting to sql server database.?

C#.Net Remoting to sql server database.? Topic: Define writing applications
July 17, 2019 / By Cheri
Question: Hi I have developed a desktop application that accessess data from an sql server database.However,I would like it to be able to access the data via a network connection.Does anyone know any links or websites from where I can get information on this? The language used is c#.Thanks in advance.
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Ash Ash | 8 days ago
Maybe web services might be more what you are looking for, as opposed to 'remoting'. Web services is a type of remoting, but it is as simple to implement as defining a web method, whereas with remoting you would need to write a server program, eg. a Windows Service most likely, that would still have the same type of methods as the web service anyway. You would use remoting if you needed fine control over state on the server side. Also with web services you can leverage off IIS security while remoting you would need to build that yourself.
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Ash Originally Answered: .NET web service or remoting?
Since you have a Linux server, I think your best bet is a web service. I would look at creating a REST web service in PHP on your server. Don't use SOAP or any of the WS* nonsense, it's extra complexity that's not needed. You can then write any type of client application, like VB.NET, to consume the web service.
Ash Originally Answered: .NET web service or remoting?
that's actual finished in with ASP.internet. you in certainty be sure that the scholars and instructor are all logged into the comparable consultation. which might mean you are able to desire to seize consultation ideas whilst the instructor logs on. Sending and receiving messages and additionally drawing on the board could be finished using sockets.

Zeph Zeph
there are various ways to do this, the best is probably to expose a web service w/ the data operations the application needs via a web service or wcf service. You'll obviously need to incorporate some form of security seeing as how this would expose these operations in theory to the entire world. Hope that helps.
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Sky Sky
DTS is a set of tools you can use to import, export, and transform heterogeneous data between one or more data sources, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Access. Connectivity is provided through OLE DB, an open-standard for data access. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data sources are supported through the OLE DB Provider for ODBC. You create a DTS solution as one or more packages. Each package may contain an organized set of tasks that define work to be performed, transformations on data and objects, workflow constraints that define task execution, and connections to data sources and destinations. DTS packages also provide services, such as logging package execution details, controlling transactions, and handling global variables. These tools are available for creating and executing DTS packages: The Import/Export Wizard is for building relatively simple DTS packages, and supports data migration and simple transformations. The DTS Designer graphically implements the DTS object model, allowing you to create DTS packages with a wide range of functionality. DTSRun is a command-prompt utility used to execute existing DTS packages. DTSRunUI is a graphical interface to DTSRun, which also allows the passing of global variables and the generation of command lines. SQLAgent is not a DTS application; however, it is used by DTS to schedule package execution. Using the DTS object model, you also can create and run packages programmatically, build custom tasks, and build custom transformations.
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Sky Originally Answered: Help with connecting dreamweaver to my database?
"Dreamweaver MX" has a huge problem that it does not allow odbc connection with PHP. ======================================... Dreamweaver provides you with string templates to create OLE DB connection strings for ASP.NET applications (see Creating an ASP.NET database connection in Dreamweaver). To create a connection string, you replace placeholders in the template with the requested parameter values. This section gives sample parameters for Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases. Note: For the parameter values specific to other databases, see the database vendor's documentation or consult your system administrator. Case 1: You use the .NET Framework on a networked development server called Savant and you want to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database called pubs on the server. Your SQL Server user name is "sa" and there is no password. If you use the Managed Data Provider for SQL Server (that is, if you chose SQL Connection in the Databases panel), here are the parameters to create the connection string: Data Source=Savant; Initial Catalog=pubs; User ID=sa; Password=; Hope this helps.

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