It is cheaper to live in Mexico than USA?

It is cheaper to live in Mexico than USA? Topic: Usa papers
July 19, 2019 / By Cherise
Question: It is cheaper to live in Mexico than USA What do I need to live in Nogales, Mexico and still stay a citizen of USA what paper will I need Etc. What papers will Mexico require to live in Mexico
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Ashlie Ashlie | 2 days ago
It is cheaper to live in Mexico than USA? Real estate may at first look cheaper, but when the size and quality of dwelling one buys in Mexico is compared to the USA, the legal fees involved, the cost of electricity, phone service, water and property tax owning a home like an American home os more expensive in Mexico. Cable, satellite TV and internet are more expensive. Automobiles cost more and there is a nearly 3% annual tax on them. This was a federal tax until this year. Next year it will be at the discretion of the states which are keeping the tax under a different name. Gasoline, diesel and other fuels go up in price every month regardless of the international price of petroleum. There is a 16% national VAT tax on most products. Electric and electronic products from toaster to stereos, iPods, to TVs to computers, etc. are more expensive than in the US. Shopping centers charge for parking. Middle income earners can expect to have as much as 35% of their income taken by the government on top of all the other oppressive taxes exacted. So NO it is not cheaper to live in Mexico. Most foreigners who live in Mexico must have one of the following visas: FM3 (visitor non immigrant) or FM2 (immigrant) which is approximately the same as a "green card" in the USA. Since Nogales,Sonora is in a border area the requirements may be different. Your best bet is to contact the Mexican Consulate in Nogales, Arizona 135 W Cardwell Street, Nogales, Az. 856211 open from 8:00am - 2:00pm. Tel:(520) 287-2521/3381/3386 Fax: (520) 287-3175 http://www.sre.gob.mx/nogales/ Foreigners are not allowed to own land (in their own names) in border areas. Residing in a foreign country does not cause you to lose your US citizenship. I have been living in Mexico for 25 years and am a US citizen.
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Zia Zia
Yes, it is cheaper. Rent, utilities and services like are repair, plumber, etc. are cheaper. food is nearly the same. Medical and dental care are cheaper. You can live in Mexico as long as you like and retain your American citizenship...living in Mexico does not affect your American citizenship. You need to get an FM3 ( No-Immigrants) visa , which needs to be renewed yearly. This requires documentation of about $1500 a month steady income from the U.S. If you cannot meet the requirement, you can stay in Mexico for 180 days on a tourist permit, return to the U.S. for a day or less, and get a new tourist permit good for 6 months. Many people do this. You need a passport...and an Fm3 visa or a 6 month tourist permit to live in Mexico...that's all. If you want to work in Mexico, things are much more complicated as it is nearly impossible to get a work visa, and jobs in Mexico pay about 1/10th what they pay in the U.S. See site below for more info.
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Slade Slade
The income requirement is for those that have little or no money to support themselves. in other words if someone has 17 thousand dollars in the bank at renewal times will get an FM3 OR 2, it does Not have to be cash, they will accept copies of investment certificates and cetes or the Bolsa. They want to know you will be able to support yourself.
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Ormonde Ormonde
everything in mexico cost half as much in usa beer 2 dollars usa beer 1 dollar mexico papers i dont know
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