Yesterday i adopted a 4 year old Canaan Dog and today she's not acting so fine and has diarrhea?

Yesterday i adopted a 4 year old Canaan Dog and today she's not acting so fine and has diarrhea? Topic: Innova research
July 17, 2019 / By Cherokee
Question: For those of you that never heard of a Canaan Dog (they're not a real common breed) they are a herding group dog. Anyways i adopted her from a special herding group dog adoption agency that was in my area. She was just fine when i brought her home, running around playing. This morning i woke up to find her having diarrhea out in the backyard, and she had thrown up some and was walking around like she didn't know what she was doing. Last night i fed her Royal Canin i'm not sure what they fed her at the agency i forgot to ask. Also she had drank pretty much all of her water. Yesterday after we got i took her for a short jog. I did my research before i bought her and Canaan Dogs are supposed to be an extremely healthy breed very rarely having any problems. I also fed her 2 doggie treats and thats all she's eaten. And i took her to the vet just for a checkup and everything was fine. I dunno how she could've developed something like this overnight. Could it be that she's just adjusting to her new surroundings and environment?Any help is greatly appreciated!Thank you! Dreamer no they didn't do a fecal exam
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Best Answers: Yesterday i adopted a 4 year old Canaan Dog and today she's not acting so fine and has diarrhea?

Ashlyn Ashlyn | 4 days ago
The change in her food is probably the main cause of the diarrhea, with stress being a contributing factor. Royal Canin is probably not what she was eating at the adoption agency. Now I know people won't like this, but I don't think you should waste your money on Royal Canin. Its ingredient list reads like Science Diet (another piece of crap food) and the only difference is that it's more expensive. Royal Canin is the equivalent to you eating a plain chicken sandwich and taking a multivitamin every day. Sure it will keep you alive, but you're not going to feel that great after a while. Feed your dog a food that is rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from fruits, veggies, botanicals, and herbs. Also, don't feed only chicken. Feeding a wider variety of protein sources ensures that your animal is getting the full range of amino acids and better levels of Omega 6s and 3s. If you can afford Royal Canin (rip-off!) then you can also afford: Holistic Select Wellness Merrick Nature's Variety Pure Vita Ziwi Peak Innova Evangers Nature's Logic Blue Buffalo Natural Balance Now Go Natural Orijen Acana Horizon Rubicon Use Eagle Pack Holistic Transition (concentrated probiotics) and plain cooked pumpkin (extra fiber) with the Royal Canin until the dog's diarrhea clears up, then with the remainder of the bag of Royal Canin, start switching to a better food.
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Zidkijah Zidkijah
Change of diet alone will do this. It is very important to anyone taking on a dog either from a rescue or a puppy from a breeder, that it is kept on the same food for a while until it is settled. It is also best not to overwhelm a new dog with too much like taking it out jogging. It might be a fit healthy breed, but this won't be a fit healthy dog after being in kennels, and will need building up again. It really is best to allow everything to go slowly when a new dog comes into the house. You wouldn't believe how many times we say all this when rescue dogs leave us. As said above, it will now be a case of resting the gut and then introducing chicken & rice. I am surprised that the rescue didn't sort out the food with you. Well done for taking this dog on though and best of luck with her.
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Sloane Sloane
Stress and sudden diet change can easily bring on something like this. She may also have worms- did the vet do a fecal exam, or just a physical? Feed her small amounts of boiled chicken breast (no bones, no skin) three times a day, and offer her plenty of water. Call the rescue and ask what they were feeding her, how much, and in how many meals per day. Also find out when the last time she was dewormed was. Keep her on the chicken breast for 3-4 days, then slowly wean her onto her new food by mixing a small amount in with her chicken breast, and gradually increase the dry food until that's all she's eating.
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Orrin Orrin
part of it might be the new enviroment but most likely it's the change in diet. Call the rescue to see what she was being fed,when changing brands the new food should be mixed in at a rate of 1/4 cup new brand to 3/4 cup old brand over a period of 2 weeks. this will allow the dog's system to adjust to the change. This is especially true if you feed a high protein low filler food after they have been get a lower quality food. unfortunately most shelters and rescues do you lower protien food blends
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Lemuel Lemuel
It probabaly just has to do with stress of leaving a place she was cmfortable with, and being put into new unfamiliar surroundings. She will prob just take a few days to get used to her new home. Also if she was used to eating one kind of food/treats it is very likely that she got an upset tummy from the new food. If your vet said she is fine then i wouldnt worry too much about it unless it continues another 2+ days.
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