How long have you been playing guitar?

How long have you been playing guitar? Topic: Does listening to music help writing a business
July 19, 2019 / By Cheryl
Question: iv been playing for 6 and i cant sweep pick or play fast solos or any of that.i practice every day but i cant get it and if i wanna make it somewhere in the music world and be in a band i know i have to step it up. any tips would help very much.my chemical romance is my biggest influence.i cant read music but i can tabs. im 14 years old
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Ashtaroth Ashtaroth | 6 days ago
I've been playing for over 40 years. I started when I was 8 (I had taken piano for 2 years before that). I've been performing for over 30 years. I can play a fast solo if the song requires it. I can't, nor do I ever care to sweep pick, because it's just not needed for the styles of music I play. B.B King and Leslie West (google 'em) rule because they can say so much with one note. People like Yngwie bore me to tears after 10 minutes because it just sounds like he's practicing scales. Some of the most famous guitarists and bands are the most technically amazing players. It's all about having great songs and playing those well. AC/DC songs aren't that hard, but they sell a lot of records. Weezer is another band that can take 3 or 4 chords and make a great song. If they could sweep pick and do all the other shredder tricks, it wouldn't fit within the context of the songs they write. And who's on the radio more....Weezer or Steve Vai? When I started out, I figured that if I could play as fast as Alvin Lee (of Ten Years After), I'd have it made. After a while, you figure out that if you play what fits the song you'll go a lot further. There are a ton of guys (and girls) here in Austin that can technically play circles around me. But, I get all the work I want with my band and studio calls (in fact, I'm turning down work right now). Why? Here's what people tell me as to why they hire me: 1. I don't overplay. Like I said, I play what fits the song. 2. I can read music. It's not an absolute requirement, but it's kind of like going to a foreign country and not being able to speak the language. You can get by, but it's easier if you do speak what the locals do. 3. I show up on time, with the right equipment (and it's all working). 4. I don't show up drunk or stoned. 5. If I'm hired by someone else, I listen to the other players and the principal artist. Even though I might not agree with their direction, it's their vision...so who am I to question it. 6. If it's my band, I listen to everyone's input and give it all a fair shot. Sometimes, the idea you're absolutely sure isn't going to work turns out to be the best thing. 7. I'm a funny guy that knows when it's time to crack a joke when things get too tense. (A few weeks ago, we were on something like take #20 of a song, and it just wasn't working. Tempers were starting to flair, because this was starting to run into some serious money. I made some joke about Mick Jagger being the reason that Keith Richards took so much heroin. I didn't think it was that funny, but the room broke up. We took a 10 minute break, came back, and nailed the track). While being able to play your instrument is very important, there are a lot of other things that going along with being successful in the music biz. Don't just learn the music side...learn the business side as well. Watch your money, and be careful who you trust your career to. Good luck. Greetings from Austin, Ken
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Ashtaroth Originally Answered: What is good guitar playing/drum playing/ instrument playing in general?
In my opinion, a good player can imitate exactly, but a great player can improvise and add their own style to something. Sometimes just feeding off the vibe of the moment; that's when musicians kinda seem to channel something else ...and it's just amazing. That's a great musician who can do that, imo. Are studio recordings always perfect? For the most part, that's what people aim for, and they usually get pretty damn close. So essentially, yes. But sometimes there are mistakes; I like it when a recording is not exactly perfect. And things like guitar solos with feedback can't really be recreated exactly, so they're in a sense never "perfect" which makes it cool. I like mistakes and eccentricities in music :)

Zophai Zophai
Figure out how to play the guitar from your own house or apartment with the Jamorama online class for guitar that you will think it is here https://tr.im/xNww1 One of many fascinating and valuable presenting you will discover in the Jamorama course may be the "Jam Tracks ".As you feel the classes, they provide you with sheet audio to a tune, and then 2 music paths to get along with the song. The 1st audio track can have the guitar part in it (so you are able to hear how it's designed to sound), and the other audio track has got the music with the guitar removed (so you can play with yourself!) They organize the Jam Songs in an exceedingly straightforward manner. Jam Paths is just one of the countless points from Jamorama that could make understanding the guitar easy even for the newcomers (especially if you do not have a guitar instructor there to assist you when you make mistakes).
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Sodi Sodi
We're talking about your fretting hand, right? The basic answer would be NO - your finger tip has to contact the string and the fret board to get a clean sound. Even a slightly long nail ends up digging into the fret board. However, I have seen some ladies hold their fingers flat to avoid the nails - they can't play well, but they can play some basic chords. I think that's what Dolly does.
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Orval Orval
Been playing for 30 years. Started when I was 10 years old. Owned my own when I was 12. been playing ever since. Had a band for some years. But got burned our with work and music at the same time.
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Lenard Lenard
Don't worry I practice all the time and have been playing for like a year and a half and I can't play solos fast at all. I recomend just keep practicing, Do you have a teacher or are you teaching yourself? If you have a teacher see if they can show you an easier way of fingering so you can move faster. Otherwise just practicee a shitload.
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Lenard Originally Answered: Can you help me with playing the guitar?
3894721? I've been playing for 4 years (self taught) there's 2 ways: With a pick & without a pick. First thing you want to do is learn how to read guitar tabulature (see 1). After you can do that head over to ug (see2) You have 2 options here read the tutorials I linked(recommended but you might want to mess around first) or type in a song you enjoy and click the tab it comes up with. When you think you've mastered the basics head over to youtube and search guitar tutorials. There is infinite amounts of articles on the web to help you with scales harmonics song writing etc. Hope this helps if you have any other problems feel free to email me.

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