Can someone please check my grammar?

Can someone please check my grammar? Topic: Essay about learning from my mistakes
July 17, 2019 / By Cheyanne
Question: hello, i'm learning to write english essay.. please check my language, grammar and etc.. i would appreciate if you could explain my mistake..thanks What will you do if you like a guy? Well, if you ask me I will do tons of crazy things just to get his attention. Recently, I was on my way home from school and I saw my crush and I started to get a rush and I started to think of a way just to make him noticed me. So, what I did was I used the same road twice that afternoon. After I saw him there, I quickly make a U-turn just to make him realized that I’m there. But, it was useless, he didn’t even looked at me and I was so disappointed. I will never ever forgive myself because God have given me more than three times to make a move but I didn’t. When we first met, he was flirting with me but I totally ignored him and now only I’m trying to get back his attention which is almost impossible. When we first met, I know he has a huge crush on me. You must be wondering how I can tell that. Let me tell you, I noticed that his eyes dilated when he looked at me that day and when I tried to ignored him, he kept on trying his best just to make me noticed him and the incident that I cannot forget is when he was so excited when he saw me a few weeks after the first meeting and he kept on telling his friends about it. Hopefully God will give me another chance to see him again and given a chance to know each other. Till then, I will still hunt for my crush =)
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Asia Asia | 8 days ago
>use would instead of will. Will is future and the sentences below are in past tense. Also, after the question, give a couple answers, like "Would you verb.....,verb...., or verb.... Then your sentences "Well,...." >Recently, I was on my way home from school and I saw my crush. I started to get a rush. I soon began to think of ways to make him notice me. My only brilliant idea at the time was to make a U-turn and walk past him again. It was useless, he didn't even notice me. I was very disappointed. A rule of thumb, use "and" only once in a sentence. me but I totally ignored him and now only I’m trying to get back his attention which is almost impossible. When we first met, I know he has (should be had) a huge crush on me. I noticed that his eyes dilated when he I'm lazy so I wont go any further, but by just scanning, make sure your in the same tense within sentences and paragraphs. I'm going on a limb and say your asian, because of the tone of the essay. They seem to like to write with the tone in your essay.
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