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July 18, 2019 / By Cheyenne
Question: We have been friends for more than 4 months now. Initially asked her out but she only wanted to be friends with me. With time she got really close. Now she shares all her problems with me including very personal ones. She says am her number one n she really loves me n cares for me. Over this time she has shown a lot of care n understanding n we hung out a lot of times. Sometimes many hours a day n once over 12 hours a day. Her trust has been broken in the past but she has trusted me enough to come to my place a few times n once due to the reason she had to apply for her dream job and she doesnt have computer she stayed overnight at my place as we did the job application from 10pm until around 2am. She says she is comfortable around me. She complains a lot now that she feels lonely by being single. Recently a person told her that I have secret feelings for her. Since then every day she keeps asking If I do. Though she should know i did from start. We only hug. Is she in love with me?
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Aspen Aspen | 9 days ago
It sounds like she cares for you alot get a little closer to her when u talk and see if she leans forward to you or backs away from u. If that doesn't work then tell her how u feel and ask her out on a date and see what happens. If since finding out she has backed away a little I would say she just wants to be friends but very close friends. good luck
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Aaren Aaren
From the sounds of it she isn't too sure of that herself. Maybe you should just tell her that you're interested, and then see what she says. By her asking that's saying she's wondering if you like her. Girls hate wondering if a guy likes them or not, and when they don't know how to confront them about it and stuff kinda pisses them off. I think you should just ask her. If you two are that close then it shouldn't be a problem at all for you to talk to this girl about it.
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Solomon Solomon
seeing that an exceedingly long term in the past, human beings have hunted for the which capacity of affection. yet even the great philosophers, with their profound definitions, ought to no longer totally touch its real essence. In a survey of four-8 12 months olds, young ones proportion their perspectives on love.
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Osborn Osborn
Love is a very strong word, so no. And also I feel that with most girls that if you enter the "friend zone" it is hard to leave it. There are those rare occasions however. Best of luck!
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Lennon Lennon
Two choices, 1) Just Ask 2) blow her off until she reacts either passionately or indifferent to you ignoring her or 3) just grab her and start making out with her and see how she reacts.
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Jair Jair
i don't think she loves you just yet any ways. she got hurt from the past. Just be thankful that she trusts you enough to be at your place alone. Give it some time, show her that your in no rush and she'll trust you enough to yes be in love with you
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Foley Foley
I think she is one of your greatttttttt!!! friends and now i think she wants it to be more then friends because she thinks you do have a good talk with her if shes ur great friend she wont rly have a problem with u asking
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Dave Dave
girls want what they can't have. she already knows that she has you so there is no game to play which is the most fun part. she obviously likes you or else she wouldn't be around you all the time but you need to start playing the game if you want her to love you.
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