What is it about unsustainable debt that liberals don't understand?

What is it about unsustainable debt that liberals don't understand? Topic: Homework crisis in america
July 19, 2019 / By China
Question: even the progressive IMF says America has to cut its spending http://ca.news.yahoo.com/imf-cuts-u-growth-forecast-warns-crisis-130529571.html "If you make a list of the countries in the world that have the biggest homework in restoring their public finances to a reasonable situation in terms of debt levels, you find four countries: Greece, Ireland, Japan and the United States," Vinals said. The past is irrelevant. Nobody cares about the past. Economy, stock market, commodities values are all determined by sentiment about the FUTURE not the past. You can't stimulate yourself into prosperity. Check out where the ENTIRE OBAMA ECONOMIC TEAM FLED TO when that maxim was proven yet again. They fled back to some office hidden in a building behind a lecture room.
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Astaroth Astaroth | 10 days ago
Their strongest argument is Republicans did it too. Their argument still is not to cut spending. they want to generate jobs with more government spending even after the stimulus and the health care reform. They didn't even propose and pass a budget and they fight every proposed budget cut anyone on earth could ever come up with.
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Astaroth Originally Answered: Why do liberals keep blaming the debt downgrade on the Tea Party?
Liberals got exactly what they demanded so OF COURSE they're blaming Republicans. NO ONE can cite even a single instance where liberals failed to blame the GOP for liberal policies. Whenever you see liberals finger-pointing you can be roughly 100% certain they're complaining about the EXPECTED results of THEIR OWN demands.

Abaegayle Abaegayle
And you can't cover your debts by lowering your intake. We have to cut spending dramatically. Where we disagree with you is where we cut our spending. You say school cuts will save 2 Billion dollars a year. We say cut the military and save 2 billion dollars a week. And we need to bring in more revenue. Higher tariffs for companies who manufacture abroad and higher tax brackets, especially on those wealthy few who are hoarding all of America's money.
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Sonnie Sonnie
"do not you libs ever examine a stat sheet?" obviously you have not. if fact learn that both tax will develop and spending cuts will fee jobs. yet they both favor to be performed with the intention to deliver the deficit lower than administration. and that i'm no longer attentive to a unmarried optimum economist who says otherwise.
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Osbourne Osbourne
Seems to escape both parties that we passed the unsustainable level many, many years ago. How many of you realize the last time the national debt decreased was over fifty years ago? Since 1957, our government has operated in the red each and every fiscal year.
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Lenny Lenny
The Irish economy didn't collapse because of debt. It collapsed because of an underegulated capitalist economy. I suggest you actually learn about economics before spout such drivel.
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Jairus Jairus
I just love how republicans all woke up in 2008 about the debt they created. Historical facts are not your friend.
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Fonz Fonz
The Democrats are not the ones that lower taxes and increase spending. Even in good times. Deficit By President as % of GDP President Percent Increase Barrack Obama 19% George W. BushR 20.00% George W. BushR 7.10% Bill ClintonD -9.00% Bill ClintonD -0.70% George H. W. BushR 15.00% Ronald ReaganR 9.30% Ronald ReaganR 11.30% Jimmy CarterD -3.30% Nixon/FordR 0.20% Richard NixonR -3.00% Lyndon JohnsonD -8.30% Kennedy/JohnsonD -8.30% Dwight EisenhowerR -5.20% Dwight EisenhowerR -11.00% Harry TrumanD -21.70% Roosevelt/TrumanD -24.40% http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_debt_by_U.S._presidential_terms
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Daven Daven
When I was a small child, I remember that I would often ask my Mother to buy toys for me and she would tell me that she did not have the money. My reply was, "well, you can just write a check." I out grew that notion. Liberals never did.
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Daven Originally Answered: Liberals, do you understand the mind of the average conservative? (Tea Party)?
We do not need to convince more creationists that they are wrong, as it is already in decline. All liberals need is enough of there own space and their own rights, and also up to a point that is working, and will continue to work. Once you have gay marriage and weed the rest is just gravy. But no, the fiscal and theocratic hypocrisy of the TP is not sustainable. Right now its about bringing more money into the US economy, and getting people to vote their wallet. You have to have Democrats that proprose single payer, in numbers.Plus, after the 2012 election the case that religion isn 't always 'always" prefect will be even stronger than it is now. And the vocal atheism isn't going away and yes the new generation naturally accepts it. No program, no programmed. Simple as that. Can relate to the nutty family members thing. Just get your own place.

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