Getting a graduate degree in aerospace engineering?

Getting a graduate degree in aerospace engineering? Topic: graduate level degree
July 17, 2019 / By Chita
Question: This September I will be going to first year engineering. While first year is a common year to all engineering students at my school, I have been playing around between pursuing civil or mechanical in later years. Aerospace engineering, which seems very interesting, is not offered at the undergraduate level at my school. Can one study aerospace engineering at the graduate level (Masters, P.H.D) with ANY undergraduate engineering degree? Thanks
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Aston Aston | 1 day ago
It really depends on the school. But first, I would suggest you figure out what you want to do with your engineering degree. What if you do not get accepted to graduate program which is a possibility. What if you can't find an engineering job once you graduate. ? Are you at an Ivy league school ?
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Aston Originally Answered: Is aerospace engineering right for me?
I think you'll be better off getting a mechanical engineering degree with a post-graduate degree in aerospace (seems like I keep suggesting this to everyone). Intuitively, you would think an aerospace engineer would work on airplanes, missiles, and rockets but it's mechanical and electrical engineers who do it. A mechanical engineering degree would give you the practical knowledge and the aerospace concentration provides you with the necessary theoretical knowledge. The only reason I can think of for anyone to pursue a bachelors in aerospace is because they're interested in studying space orbits and space mission design. Everything else that aerospace engineers learn can be done by software engineers, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, and physicists. Someone you'll realize very quickly once you get an engineering job.
Aston Originally Answered: Is aerospace engineering right for me?
From what you describe, Aero Eng may be a good choice for you...............be advised,it it a demanding field of study. However, be aware that, as a profession, opportunities continue to shrink ( budget problems at DOD and NASA for instance). Keep getting as much info as you can, in order to make an informed decision. Good luck and God Bless.

Abagael Abagael
u ought to take admission in aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering. that is going to help u alot bcs if u have chosen the ms in aerospace then why to do bachelor in different container . attempt to undertake in basic terms one container so will develop into professional and could be worry-free for u.
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