Am I bi-polar, or is it all in my head?

Am I bi-polar, or is it all in my head? Topic: How to write a letter of recommendation for someone
July 18, 2019 / By Chloe
Question: I think I may be being stupid, but I don't know. I've been acting weird for about 3 years now ever since my parents got divorced. I've had this horrible temper that's gotten me into so much trouble and I'm just so moody all the time. About every other day my attitude is different. I'm so freaking happy and I feel like I'm on top of the world and I just have the biggest ego and then the next day, I feel so depressed and I hurt so much. For NO reason at all. I'll basically think back to something that happened forever ago and just hate myself and feel so bad. I'll cry myself to sleep every so often. I've tried telling my mom that I think I'm bi-polar and she just laughs and says "No, you're not! Don't be stupid!" And it's embarassing telling her that I think that, sometimes I just want to know if something is wrong with me. And if I'm not bi-polar or anything, then what IS wrong? Why do I act like this? I want to go to a doctor, but I doubt my mom would take me. I'm scared. I wish I had an answer about it. I've tried these online questionaires (which I know aren't always right.) and they've all said that I'm bi-polar and I should go see a doctor. I have the worst temper in the world and if one thing makes me mad, I want to throw something at the wall. It doesn't even matter what it is. If a friend tells me something I don't like, I get upset or depressed over it. I used to cut myself, which I now realize was a stupid thing to do. :[ My mom found out and yelled at me over it and I felt so bad. I told her I wanted to see a psychiatrist or something and she said, "You don't need to, all you need to talk to is me!" and I don't know how to talk to her about stuff that depresses me. She never wants to talk to me much anyways. I'm so worried about myself. I've thought about committing suicide and then the next minute I think that thinking about it is the dumbest thing ever and then the next day I'm thinking about it again.. I really shouldn't. I'm very pretty.. I have a lot of friends who love me, my family loves me, I make good grades. What is my problem? I get too easily stressed out and I can't concentrate on one thing at a time. I have these frequent times where I start telling a story and I end up talking so fast that I slurr my words and no one understands what I'm saying. I get so hyper naturally and I feel so obnoxious all the time. I don't know what to do. Please someone help me. Tell me your full opinion. Don't hold back.. Many of you are wondering what my age is. I am 16-years-old. I'm a Junior in High School. Thanks to everyone for telling me what's going on, I'm going to talk to my counselor here soon if I get enough confidence to do it, I'm not really one to talk about my problems. It's very rarely that I ever talk in detail about what's going on with me. Thanks a lot, but please keep the answers coming.
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Astra Astra | 2 days ago
You are indeed bipolar, or a teenager. Or worse, both. Its unfortunate that your mom chooses to igore the problem, probably because she thinks she failed in some way if you are ill. Nuts to her. See your school counselor and see if she can do anything to help you. Perhaps she can write a letter to your mom with her recommendation. Try to keep a journal of your feelings each night, like how many fits or happy moments you had and what brought them on. You're doing an excellent job in identifying your behavior. I am really impressed. It took me until age 27 to figure myself out. Hopefully it won't take that long for you to tackle this problem. Good luck sweetie.
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Astra Originally Answered: Is my boyfriend bi polar?
I know that "Dump him" doesn't seem to work, as much as it might seem like that would be the perfect solution. I am currently going through a divorce. I have been with my husband since 1999. We married in 2002, but he spent many of the years in prison. I was so scared for him to get out because I was afraid of how he would act. His attitude would (and does) change from one minute to the next. First he's saying he loves me, and two minutes later I have become this lying cheater he can never trust. I honestly don't even know where his thoughts come from. Over the last five years, he has called me so many names and put me down that there are days I don't want to go out of the house. He knows certain things about me that bother me the most,so he always mentions those. I get guys trying to pick up on me all the time. Of course, I don't tell him because he would say I'm just lying and that girls try to pick up on him everyday and blah blah blah. I think to myself, "I can't be that bad when so many guys approach me and say such nice things," but hearing it from him just kills my self-esteem. We went for marriage counseling, and although he only went for a couple of sessions, the therapist seemed to believe he was suffering from a personality disorder or could possibly be bipolar, but said that his episodes of anger didn't seem to last very long, and she didn't think he went from a super happy guy for a while into a mean, bad tempered person for days or weeks. Seriously, he can be calling me every name in the book, and while I'm crying on the couch, he'll come out and sit with me and ask if I want to go to dinner. My ex husband was very similar (but more because of alcohol), as was my dad. I know it is so hard to deal with. All my friends would say he doesn't deserve me, but that was never the answer for me. We are finally going through a divorce. He began drinking heavily for a while, started getting paranoid and had our freak neighbor spying on me and keeping a notebook of the time I left for work and when I came home. He accused me of everything, even though I was doing nothing bad at all. He told me to file for divorce in August, and I finally did when he threw two gallons of white paint on my new blue Mustang and smashed the hood with the cans. I think people can only change when they can admit they have a problem and they themselves want to change it. I continued therapy because I didn't want to keep dealing with things the same way. He never wanted therapy, and only went because I wanted to,so he did not benefit. He admitted that everything I said was true but that he saw nothing wrong with it because that's just "how he is." Even though we have been legally separated for 7 months and he is aware that I am kind of seeing someone, he still treats me the same way, threatens me, and acts like a psycho. Everyone thinks he's the nicest guy cuz he's so fake. So maybe the husbands of my friends that I think treat them so well aren't as good as they seem either. Who knows? I just wish you the best of luck because I know what you are going through and none of it is your fault. The best thing I learned from my therapist when I told her I was just sick of the constant arguing was that "it takes two people to argue." As hard as it was, I learned to block out the stuff he would say and not respond at all. I even bought earplugs and could hear him ranting, but I didn't know what he was saying so it didn't matter. I just hope things turn out well for you. Maybe he just has a chemical imbalance that can be easily treated by a prescription. Have him go to his regular doctor to get him referred to a pyschiatrist, if he's willing. I worked for this lunatic woman who was like Jeckyl and Hyde, but when she got her lithium, she was the nicest lady in the world. I hope you can find something that will work for the two of you. Good luck.

Abagail Abagail
I'm sorry that your mom is not willing to help you out. I think sometimes parents don't want to admit that their children have a problem because they feel it reflects back on them. Your mom may also be experiencing her own problems from the divorce and coping with your problems may be too much for her to deal with right now; yes, even 3 years later. I don't know how old you are, but are you still in school? If you are, go and talk with the school counselor. If you have a church that you belong to, could you go and talk with the pastor, priest or minister? Do you have any walk-in clinics in your area? If you do, go and talk with the doctor and see if he can refer you someplace. If you are 18 years of age or older, you don't need moms permission to get help. Honestly, I don't think you are bi-polar, I think you are suffering from severe depression from your parents divorcing. Depression can manifest itself as many things; anger, mood swings, crying, sadness.
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Sorrel Sorrel
Bi-polarity is a medical condition, it's related to some neurological problem, so if you're in doubt about your condition, you must ask your mom to take you to a doctor... You'll not lose anything, but you (and your mom) will gain inner peace... It's too much better to face problems when they have solution (in case you have a real mental health problem).... Good luck!!
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Osgood Osgood
It's definitely possible that you could be. I think it's best if you talk to someone you can trust, a teacher, counsler or even call a help line. I think self diagnosing yourself could make things worse and you need to talk out your problems instead of holding them all in. Best of luck xoxo
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Leolin Leolin
Would it not be possible for you to see a doctor without your mother? If so then you need to tell some other responsible adult whom you can trust to help you.
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Leolin Originally Answered: Does this sound like I am bi-polar?
First off, there are different types of bipolar. I believe there are 6 or 7 different types. You have to take many things into account aside from your sleeping schedule and mood swings. Have you been sleeping at all or for too long? Manic episodes usually involve little or no sleeping, and the person feels no need to sleep. Depressive episodes can cause you to oversleep, and also sleep very little. In the depressive state though, you don't have energy, but you just don't sleep. Are you losing interest in things you love? Do you feel no joy and no hope? Are you withdrawing socially? Those are tendencies of a depressive state. Do you find that you are doing things that you wouldn't normally do which are reckless? Do you feel irritable or agitated? Does every little thing make you want to burst out in anger? Those are tendencies of a manic state. Does bipolar or any other mental illnesses run in your family? And yes, depression is a mental illness. Although it really hasn't been 100% resolved yet, mental illness tends to happen more often if there is a family history. How old are you? Many doctors may refuse to diagnose you at a young age. In terms of my family, a relative of mine knows bipolar started for her around age 11. Looking bad I think it started as severe depression at 12 years old, and started into bipolar. Concentration could be a sign of depression, sometimes mania as well. When I am having a bad depressive cycle I actually cannot read and write. I know this is strange because I LOVE reading, and I'm actually a writer. It's that I cannot concentrate on a book, let alone a single page of a book. I have to re-read a page 5 or 6 times and after that I don't even remember what I've read, and my brain is tired from trying to concentrate. I think the best thing for you to do is talk to your parents or someone that you trust. Express your concerns because that will take a huge weight off your shoulders! You should also consider seeing a doctor. You may not have bipolar disorder (I hope you don't sweetie!), but maybe you're struggling with depression. Whatever it is, educate yourself about it and how to handle it! If you ever have any questions, feel free to send me a message! Good luck! *Note* Lots of different questions and answers about bipolar here tend to portray people with bipolar as uncontrollable and unpredictable, but that is not the case. Yes, there are people with this illness who are like that, but they usually have not accepted treatment, or deny that they need help. The people that I know with this disorder who take their meds, and do what is needed to stay healthy are very productive members of society. You'd be shocked at how many 'normal' people there are that have this disorder.

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