Star Wars "A New Hope": Did Lucas originally intend for Luke and Leia to be together instead of Han and Leia?

Star Wars "A New Hope": Did Lucas originally intend for Luke and Leia to be together instead of Han and Leia? Topic: The sisters biography
July 17, 2019 / By Chloris
Question: There is evidence to support that he did, but much of it is based on speculation. The original release poster showed Leia at Lukes knee. Luke and Leia kissed in "A New Hope," but it was "for luck." The music in the prison cell rescue scene takes on a romantic tone, but it is also not much different than the leitmotif used for Leia throughout the movie. After the destruction of the Deathstar, Leia rushes to hug Luke and only teases Han about his morals and her surprise that he showed up. Was it supposed to have been the "Young Hero Get's the Girl" or the "Lone-wolf Bachelor Get's the Princess?" This question is not about "The Empire Strikes Back." Clearly by Episode 5, Lucas had decided to go with Han and Leia together. Several excellent points are made arguing both sides. Thank you all.
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Aubree Aubree | 3 days ago
If anyone is a TRUE fan of the Star Wars Legacy,they would know the making of Star Wars,from the Biography of George Lucas on TV.Star Wars was originally a 9 Episode storyline,he shopped it around Hollywood in the early 1970's.No one would buy it because it was too long,til he met with people at 20th Century Fox and they said,they loved the idea...but he would have to choose which part to make,he made a deal for a trilogy,so he picked Episode 4 (A New Hope) to start off with,he knew Luke and Leia were brother and sister;but he couldn't SAY they were in the first movie.He wanted people to wonder ala soap opera storylines.
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Abagale Abagale
No, I am thinking American Graffiti in outer space and it should look like Leia and Luke are together while Han is the rebel without a cause in his Millenium Falcon with his shiney metal dice hanging above his head, (ala A.G.). Let's face it, Luke is the Ron Howard character and Leia is Cindy Williams, both of whom had shows of their own by the time Star Wars came around, while Harrison Ford is in both movies being the rebel. I am pretty sure that Lucas wanted you to wonder what would happen with the relationship between Luke and Leia but he also wanted you to think that Han was after her as well. "What do you think?...A girl like her, aguy like me?" Han brought up the subject in the security room on the death star. Plus, it was already established that the Jedi Knights were a religious order making one think priests and celibacy. If Luke was to follow in the foot steps of his father then he could not follow after Leia. That is perhaps th biggest flaw in the story. If Luke has a father then how was he a Jedi Knight, if Jedi's remain celibate? Luke never asked this question and it should have been obvious that part of the story was being hidden from him long before he faced Vader on the City in the Clouds. He could not be born unless his father was a bad Jedi. But the name Darth Vader, translates "Dark Father", so at least one of the twins is his child from the get go. You have to wonder what went on in the interrogation room on the Imperial Cruiser between Leia and Vader but that is not your question, now is it?
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Sparrow Sparrow
I think the original idea was for Luke and Leia to be together. The documentary I saw had George saying that the 'sister' angle came about in Return of the Jedi. I remember years ago George saying something about there being 12 episodes to Star Wars. The final three were about the children of Luke, Leia, Han etc
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Osman Osman
Supposedly before even creating the first film, he had the story complete. However, details such as this may or may not have been decided. I personally think he intended for Han and Leia. Leia's personality fits perfectly for Han, and Luke was too focused on his father and the Jedi.
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Leonard Leonard
Yes in short Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) marries Padme and they have twins (Luke/Leia) who Obi Wan Kenobi has to hide from Darth to keep them safe. Obi Wan initially thinks that Anakin is the Chosen One who will bring balance to the Force but Anakin is turned to the Dark Side by the Evil Emperor and becomes Darth Vader. Luke manages to turn him back with help from Princess Leia, Han Solo etc... The films weren't made in order - Episodes 4-6 were made first (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of the Jedi) then episodes 1-3 were released more recently (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith)
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Leonard Originally Answered: Is it true George Lucas is going to make Star Wars 7,8, and 9 soon?
No ... it is NOT true. It just came to light about 6 months ago but shortly after the release of ep III in 2005 Lucas made a small change in his Will. Everybody in his family still gets all the same stuff but it now has a condition on it. That condition is that if ANY of them allow someone else to make more Star Wars movies after his death then they will ALL lose everything. We're talking millions and millions of dollars here ... I don't see any of them even thinking about it because Lucas has made his intentions crystal clear to them. As for him letting someone else make more while he is still alive ... not a chance in hell ... Lucas is not going to let anyone "play" with his baby. He confirmed all of this except for the change in his will in a interview he did on 60 minutes shortly after the release of ep III in 2005. He was asked if he was going to make anymore and if not would he allow someone else to make more. His answer was No ... and ... No ... The person doing the interview tried asking the questions again but wording them different but his answer was always no. If you know anything about Lucas you know that he sometimes seems to change his mind with the direction of the wind but that is one of the things that make this something that can be written in stone. These are the only two questions he has given the same answer to over and over again in his entire life in respect to Star Wars. We had the animated movie, Star Wars The Clone Wars that came out last August and the series that it was the pilot episode for on the Cartoon Network. That series was the highest rated show in the entire history of the Cartoon Network. Right now they are running all 22 episodes of season one in what they are calling "The Decoded Episodes" ... it's very similar to "Pop-Up Videos" that VH1 did. The first episode aired this past Friday ... May 1, 2009 ... and will air them all the way up to the time for season two to start. Last I heard almost all of the episodes for season two were in the can and Lucas had about half of season three written and waiting to be put in animation. Lucas is also working on a Live Action TV show that is set to debut in the fall of 2010. It will be set in between ep III and ep IV and will tell the story of how the Rebel Alliance was formed and their early battles against the Empire leading up to the events of ep IV. There will not be any of the "major" characters in this show ... IE: Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader ... etc. they will be talked about of course and may even make a few brief cameos but this show will focus on the "lessor" characters that make the Star Wars universe work. There has been many rumors that Boba Fett will play a slightly larger role in it but nothing from "reliable" sources. Even if Lucas was to change his mind ... he won't ... making new movies would be more trouble than it would be worth. The books have taken the story about 50 years into the future and Dark Horse comics has taken the story about 130 years into the future. I really don't think fans would except anyone but the original actors playing the roles of the Big 3 of Han, Luke, & Leia ... I know I wouldn't ... and even though Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher have said that they would be more than happy to reprise their roles ... Harrison Ford will not ... so end of that idea. The only way to do it would be to take the story far enough into the future that the Big 3 had died but that would be even more of a problem because he would lose fans along the way ... certainly gain some but they wouldn't make up for the ones he lost. That being said I wouldn't be surprised at all if some of the books series were turned into animated movies ... probably not theater releases ... more like direct to DVD but there are some of the books series that would be epic animated movies. Of course the first one would have to be the Thrawn Trilogy ... The New Jedi Order series would work great too but all I've heard about this are rumors so who knows in that department. Lucas will be bringing all 6 movies back to theaters in a true 3-D format ... target date for that is summer of 2012. That he will be bringing them back IS confirmed by Lucas but the date is not as of yet. I can tell you where most of the rumors come from ... supershadow.com ... the biggest Star Wars fraud site on the net. The guy who runs the site ... Micky Suttle ... claims to be an "insider" at LucasFilm and good "buddies" with Lucas himself ... it is all a figment of his imagination. This fool is so far around the bend that he has even faked up 100s of email that he claims are personal communications between him and Lucas ... again ... all lies. The only people this idiot knows from LucasFilm are the lawyers because he has been slapped with so many "get that crap off your site or we will crush you like the insect that you are" suits that it is mind boggling. So in short, if that's even possible at this point ... lol ... No ... there will NOT be anymore Star Wars movies ... and anyone who says there will be is so full of it that it is pouring out of their ears. May The Force Be With You ... .

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