What are your favourite albums by these bands/artists?

What are your favourite albums by these bands/artists? Topic: I go shopping essays
July 17, 2019 / By Chris
Question: I can't think of an original question so there you go. Klaus Schulze Pet Shop Boys Cluster Killing Joke Jacques Brel Sebadoh John Foxx Arix - damn , you got me... they're not real. Oi Mucky ! :D LOL that's actually lulzy Sky - Cool. She's great , I know. I love the sex scene in the nature lol , really hot and somewhat weird. hey Mark :) hi Harvey :) Oh dear. Why haven't you written a freaking essay this time , Friedrich ? Am I not good enough anymore ? You've given up on trying to impress me ??????????? And you call yourself a man. Stalker.
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Aubrie Aubrie | 5 days ago
You're forever changing your name, I can't keep up. When are you going to change your name to The Lady Whose Head Expanded? It'd signify our marriage to everybody, or are you ashamed to admit that you're married to me? Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht, Moondawn, Mirage Pet Shop Boys - I have their Greatest Hits as well. I like it, but I could do without the U2 cover. Cluster - Cluster II, Zuckerzeit Killing Joke - Killing Joke (1980), Laugh? I Nearly Bought One Sebadoh- Bakesale. No, I've never heard it, but other people are saying it's Sebadoh's best album so I'm putting it down. What are you going to do about it? Sue me? Castrate me..? .... Fine, I take it back. Sorry. Jacques Brel - Quand on N'A Que l'Amour. Yes, I've actually heard this one. If you don't believe me, check my last.fm charts, stalker. John Foxx - Metamatic I only have a couple of essays in me per day, you're so demanding. You should be hanging on every word I say, no matter the length. If I wrote an essay it'd be too long, and if I answer your question succinctly, it's too short. YOU CANNOT BE PLEASED. Will it make it better if I don my Kraftwerk attire?
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Abaigeal Abaigeal
Klaus Schulze - Moondawn Pet Shop Boys - Actually Cluster - Cluster 71' Killing Joke - Not really a fan Jacques Brel - Brel en Public Olympia 1961 Sebadoh - III John Fox - Metamatic
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Spike Spike
Hey Karla :) Killing Joke: What's THIS For...! Sebadoh: Bubble And Scrape John Foxx: Metamatic
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Ossian Ossian
Hi Ms. Schneidface :) Pet Shop Boys - Actually Jacques Brel - À l'Olympia (was enjoying this album, yesterday)
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Ossian Originally Answered: Why do top artists always have so many producers on their albums?
It is very expensive. However, the payoff is in having multiple producers who have had success in different radio formats. You bring in the adult contemporary maestro for the love song, you bring in an r&b producer for the uptempo song for urban contemporary radio, you bring in a hot popmeister for the top-40 market, get a hip-hop producer for the funky song, and you get someone to remix them all to play in clubs. In this way, the product has the farthest reach, instead of being bottled up in one sound that may suit one format, but not another. That's how you get cross-format worldwide superstars and sell 5 million units. When it fails, a lot of money is indeed lost, and traditionally, middle level a&r guys get their heads chopped off when a big budget extravaganza fails. Turnover is high in the record biz, and that's one reason. Naturally, this is a very cynical by-the-numbers approach to making albums, and it doesn't even pretend to be great art, or really even art at all. It is entertainment product. Whatever vision the artist has is irrelevant and invisible, if there is any at all. The producers run the show.

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