Can you help me think of a concluding paragraph for this?

Can you help me think of a concluding paragraph for this? Topic: How do you write a paper in mla format
June 19, 2019 / By Lindsie
Question: Not asking for you to write it, just some suggestions please:) I have no idea how to make a closing argument for such a dull topic. The Tower of London is known worldwide for being a place of past bloodshed. It has a reputation of violence and an extensive history of royalty and culture. The tower was built by William the Conqueror because of his deep distrust in the Saxon population in London, England. The huge tower intimidated citizens, which helped William control the city, and protect it from intruders. It was constructed to threaten and guard the city, and did just that for centuries. London is split into twenty six sections called wards. The London Tower is located in the ward called the City of London. The City of London is also called just “the City.” Construction began here in 1066 and was completed by 1087. The London tower was a place of extremely high security making it a good choice for a place to make money, keep records, and hold prisoners. Ranulf Flambard, the first known prisoner of the tower, broke out in 1101. Even though the Tower of London had palaces built to house royalty, no one ever permanently resided there. William the Conqueror had a section built for him called the White tower. The White Tower has had many uses, like a repository for papers, an observatory, a place for state events, to hold prisoners, and a palace. Many years later, in 1220, Sawyer 2 Henry III began adding on to the royal palace. King Henry stayed there only 11 times in 56 years. The Tower of London is predominantly known as a prison and place of execution for the Royal and famous of the Elizabethan era. After the Gunpowder plot failed, Guy Fawks was held and tortured here. Some men and women executed here include Sir Thomas More, Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, and Lady Jane Grey. Usually executions were public and open for thousands of people to see. Some rare private executions for people more respected by the king were held on the tower green. sorry it's kind of hard to read in the middle, it was in MLA format and i just copied and pasted it here.
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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn | 1 day ago
I just think you need to find a way to unite everything you have written before. Perhaps think about the extremes the building has seen: from housing royals to housing traitors, from a place of torture to the home of the country's finest jewels. If in doubt finish with a corny line! e.g. "It is hard not to be fascinated by a building whose white walls have hidden dark secrets for almost a thousand years and, in which, a flash of red in the dark was once just as likely to be blood as it was a Queen's ruby".
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Kaitlyn Originally Answered: What do you think of this paragraph?
Lovely paragraph... I don't think you had any obvious mistakes and if there were then my dull eyes did not catch them, or they might have simply been overshadowed by the context of the paragraph itself. Based on what is given i would think it would be a fantasy story something unknown to the human mind...or something along those lines Am i right?

Gyneth Gyneth
H, you might end it with how now its infamy is like a tourist attraction. You know how everything that used to have a purpose eventually becomes an accessory (now don't take my word for that, it may be still being used, check your sources on that point). But upon reading it a second time I found it to be informative and interesting. Maybe you should say something else about certain statements such as the man who first broke out of the prison in 1101. Did it happen often? You may end it by repeating its main use which seems to be a place that had lots of reasons for being but which obviously inspired terror in the populace. I don't know. Seems like to me you're doing pretty good on your own. But the way someone else said: if YOU think it's interesting it will be an interesting topic.
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Divina Divina
After enjoying all those riveting paragraphs, I suggest the following for your concluding paragraph: borrow a few lines from Monty Python. Intersperse actual historic facts with a jab of humour. It will lift the sadness from a sombre speech...ie: "It's Only a Flesh Wound!"
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Carita Carita
If you think this topic is dull then you have made it so yourself. You have hardly even skimmed the subject; you started reasonably well but soon tailed off and just put a load of basic facts together and included no detail. Must do better.
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Carita Originally Answered: What is 'paragraph form?'?
Whew! 350 WORDS is much more manageable! Alrighty! Paragraph form means several paragraphs linked together by a common overlapping theme. Your teacher likely is mostly trying to get you to avoid using bullets, or just answering unconnected questions. This likely entails an opening paragraph (presenting the issue), detail paragraphs (as many as you need for the different facets of the question/argument) and a closing paragraph (just to sum-up). For the sake of continuity, it is best if these paragraphs flow one into the next (as in, link the thoughts and build the essay up, keeping all of the information pertinent to what came before it). For such a short essay (if double-spaced, this will likely be about a page long) you will likely only need three paragraphs. Each new idea or thought merits and new paragraph. Good luck and happy writing! :)

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