Some suggestions for an essay?

Some suggestions for an essay? Topic: Essay about food
June 19, 2019 / By Linsay
Question: my teacher assigned an "anything" essay where we are allowed to write about anything we want. What are some cool suggestions for an essay, all answers appreciated
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Kalyn Kalyn | 8 days ago
You could do an essay on a topic that interest you. You could do one on something food related and bring in food as part of your essay...everyone would like that...OR in a totally different direction, you could find some slant to the presidential election and write about that. OR you could write about global warming since there is a ton of information out there about it including Al Gores documentary. There is always topics in music, such as a favorite band or historical group that has survived the generations and are still out there. So many topics,,so little time.
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Hailee Hailee
you can write about a current media issue, or an experience you had when you were young such as a Holiday the list just goes on, this should be fun to do because you are not limited to one topic and the things you write about don't have a wrong or right answer which is good good luck have fun
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Dodie Dodie
The election, Your favorite book, Some movie that is based off of an event (the movie 300)... Maybe you could do it on a cool job some one you know has, like bull riding, or pilot, or military, or magician, or athlete... I hope this helps
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Carlota Carlota
one idea would be to write about something you really enjoy doing for instance if you like playing an instrument such as the violin you could write an essay on how the instruments made.
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Aneta Aneta
going green watching history repeat itself over and over again the media and its bias to the progressive left growing up with utube, facebook, etc. if I had 1 million dollars, I would.... the plight of my life.... losing my stuff being a teen in 2008 death and dying birth and life the black hole of depression stress and its scars the teacher from hell the bully I grew up with- my mom try being hungry in america why feet stink so bad love I am in love with my xbox360 what my grandma never told me about my dad things i hide under my bed mt. dew for breakfast and its benefits growing up with everything but really nothing growing up with faith but no religion my endless dream Hope this gives you some ideas and maybe you can go from there
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Wilbur Wilbur
The origin of the English language. The first dictionary was written by a man in a insane asylum. That could be a fun paper.
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Sanford Sanford
Always start with some quotation of great people or phrase, like "there is no cloud without silver lining" etc.
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Sanford Originally Answered: I Can't Think Of A Name. Suggestions?
Benvolio mean "Benevolent". He could be both benevolent and wise and yet totally inept with women or, like all men, unable to follow the blatantly obvious emotional cues. But his character should be slow to draw his sword, not fast. As for HER name, your own description suggests two, one of which is in you own choice list -- Violet.The other is Ashley (after her hair). Personally I prefer Violet, because it suggests spiritual/magical/etheric connections. Variations would be Viola, Violette or Violeta. Perhaps even Violanthe, pron vio-lan-thee but could also be read as "Violence". A viola is of course a musical instrument. So far most contributors have only suggested Western names. Are both royals neighbours and allies, or from differing kingdoms? If so, consider what racial characteristics these kingdoms might have and names to match. If Teutonic or Norse, then Brunehilde, Grunhilde, Mathilde (modern Matilda), Freya. Hilde is a female valkyrie or warrior, so Grunhilde would be the Green [haired? outfitted?] Valkyrie. There are many lovely Arabic names also. In Turkish, Violet is Menekse or Mor (you could get a few puns out of "I want Mor"). Arabic Aman = security, safety, peace Amber = jewel Asalah = nobility of descent Dimah = cloud that carries rainwater Fahada = Leopardess Farihah = unique, matchless [also, pearl/gem] Fawz = victory or success Hazar = nightingale Manaar = guiding light Nadia = the beginning, the first Qadr = fate, destiny Raaida = Leader An Arabic name could combine multiples, eg Nadia al Mannar [add family name] Hope that helps!

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