I am thinkn about doing a research paper on HPV and the Gardasil Vaccine. Good idea?

I am thinkn about doing a research paper on HPV and the Gardasil Vaccine. Good idea? Topic: Research paper writing results in a research
July 19, 2019 / By Ellen
Question: I am in a Eng 102 class and have to do a 12-20 page research paper on any topic. I am having a hard time coming up with something to write about. I have to have 50 resources. If it is a good idea, i need to narrow the topic. What do u think would be a good idea?
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Best Answers: I am thinkn about doing a research paper on HPV and the Gardasil Vaccine. Good idea?

Chrissy Chrissy | 6 days ago
Yes it sounds like a great idea. It has great potential in saving women in the coming years. It is very broad, used on girls at different ages and has mixed reviews. Since it is so new, its immunity isn't exactly sure, there have been cases of serious side effects and its use after exposure to HPV is still complex. Also that it targets a few types of HPV and some of which are the ones often causing Cervical Cancer, which usually through regular pap smears and early detention, should result in a full recovery. Also what could be interesting is if you find the response from the vaccine... eg will girls and women who have this vaccine continue to have regular pap smears? will this change there use of contraception? Tell me how you go, this sounds very interesting!!
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Chrissy Originally Answered: Negative effects of Gardasil (the HPV vaccine)?
There are about 100 virusees that cause HPV, the vaccine only protects for about 3 of them which are the most common, the vaccine is new and they are actually talking about giving it to 50 year old women and maybe even boys and men in the future the problem with the disease is that you can get it from other things, not juts sex, fluids, etc for example. Its the age group of around 12-13 that is the best targeted area thats why the doctors are pushing the vaccine, but I've tal;kled to a lot of fathers who have daughters and they are not in a rush. The idea behinf this is that you cant have multiple sex partners, maybe wait til youre married and make sure the guy is clean and thoughtful just as you are
Chrissy Originally Answered: Negative effects of Gardasil (the HPV vaccine)?
Where are you reading these "reports"? I have a hard time connecting a vaccine - made the same way as the flu shot - with delayed periods, sterility, and paralysis. To date, there have been no deaths directly linkable to Gardasil. The deaths I could find were as follows: known epileptic had a siezure and died. Known cardiac patient had a heart attack and died. The "thousands of adverse side effects" were mostly the usual sore arm and slight fever. The paralysis ... until the lab reports get back, it's just as likely to be from any of the dozens of viruses that cause Guillain-Barre. ADDING: Anyone can put anything they want into the VAERS ... including one report where a man claimed that Gardasil turned his daughter into Wondre Woman.

Audrea Audrea
christophers gf will be of no help to you, about 80% of the population has experience with HPV, they just may not know about it. I think that is a great topic, gardasil is one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in recent time. You will easily find 50 sources also
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Abbi Abbi
I will talk to you about it - I was recently diagnosed with HPV/genital warts and have had it pretty rough. I've developed strange cells and have to go for tests in the next few weeks. Slightly embarassing but its a long story as to why I have it.
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Abbi Originally Answered: Hi, i was wondering if anybody had any input on high-risk HPV and the gardasil vaccine?
"..is possible to tell what strain you have through a pap or HPV test" New viral technology allows the detection of the HPV virus itself, which is different from evaluating the health of the tissue cells taken during the smear It most cases, your immune system will resolve the infection without it causing problems. However, you may be advised to have more frequent screening. "Does this mean that if my body does clear it, he can't give it back to me? Generally, no. You won't pass the virus back and forth. The purpose of the vaccine is to prevent HPV, however there is some evidence that the vaccine ma have some effect on existing strains. However, the evidence isn't conclusive. "if the cells on your cervix are 'abnormal' does this mean they are precancerous and is it really okay to hold off on a colposcopy for 6-12 months? " In cases this virus will clear, and they will just monitor your cervical cells for changes. Usually this is done every 6 months. If there are further changes, your Doctor may review the situation and course of action. The fact he is suggesting you return in a year probably means that your changes were slightly atypical rather than a high grade cellular change. If you have any concerns, then discuss them with your Doctor.

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