How to say this in spanish?

How to say this in spanish? Topic: How to write appreciate in spanish
June 25, 2019 / By Genna
Question: Can you help me say the phrase below in Spanish? Please no Google translation, as the translation google is giving is wrong (as usual). I want to write this in Tu form to a male. I am looking for a translation from a native Spanish speaker, thanks! I admire how hard you work. I know some day you'll be rich too, with the right business connections. I am not sure if it's clear or not, but I want this written in TU form, not Usted form. So far everyone who has answered has obviously used an online translator. I would really appreciate this to be translated by a native spanish speaker. Thank you so much. :)
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Delicia Delicia | 3 days ago
Admiro lo duro que trabajas,se que algun dia seras rico tambien, con las conexiones de negocio adecuadas
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Delicia Originally Answered: Help Make My Spanish Paragraph Better! ANY GOOD SPANISH SPEAKERS HELP ME! (spanish 1)?
Actually you did well for your first year of Spanish. First of all, this is a great place to translate words: http://www.ask.com/web?q=translate+engli... Where it says "English to Spanish translation" type your word in the box and press "Go". As to your paragraph, the following things should always be capitalized: * names of languages such is Ingles * titles such as Senor Logue Also adjectives always go after nouns in Spanish. Instead of: the red dog in Spanish we say: the dog red (el perro rojo) In your paragraph, you need to correct: * favorita clase should be clase favorita * fabuloso teacher should be teacher fabuloso (Shall I tell you how to say teacher? Nah more useful to look it up at that web page I gave you. You remember it better if you look it up.) I would say "saco buenas notas" instead of "tengo buenas notas". Yo estudiar needs to be conjugated. Yo hablar turns into yo hablo, so yo estudiar should be....? todod los dias should be todos los dias La clase es divertido should be la clase es divertida. That's all I notice! P.S. If you really want to kiss up, say Spanish is one of your favorite classes too! P.S. #2 I noticed someone gave you a link to an online translator. Those are good for getting a rough translation, but they make LOTS of mistakes, so don't rely on them. You can use them to get a rough translation and then fix it up yourself.

Bryanna Bryanna
YO admiro lo duro que TU trabagas. Yo se que algun dia TU tambien seras rico, con buenas conecciones de trabago.
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Allannah Allannah
Admiro lo duro que trabaja. Se que algun dia seras rico tambien, con las conecciones de negocios adecuadas. Edit: I DID NOT USED NO TRANSLATOR, YOU SHOULD OF SPECIFY YOU WANTED TU Admiro lo duro que trabajas. Se que algun dia seras rico tambien, con las conecciones de negocios adecuadas.
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Urijah Urijah
I'm Uruguayan and the accents and pronunciation is special among them .Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish are very equivalent however Argentinian tone is special and a few special grammar ,I discover it okay to talk to a Mexican however to anybody from Spain I haven't any suggestion methods to fully grasp what they are saying in any respect
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Roderic Roderic
Informal: Admiro lo trabajador que eres. Sé que algún día, teniendo las debidas conecciones comercial, tú serás rico. Formal: Admiro lo trabajador que es usted. Sé que algún día, teniendo las debidas conecciones comercial, usted será rico.
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Why does it matter anyway??? we're filipinos and thats it! I did not bother to finish your rant. good day, i said good day!

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