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June 26, 2019 / By Janice
Question: I've been given some homework. Our teacher provided us with a short clip which lasts less than 30 seconds. (a) Is the woman who speaks in the clip white, or is the man who speaks in the clip white? The woman speaks first, followed by the man. (b) Can you give reasons as to your choice? Here is the clip: http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=dIt07iVobMg (Remember: remove the space between the dot and com after you've pasted this address into your browser bar). Have problems watching the video? Remember to copy and paste the address into your browser bar, and then remove the space between the dot and the com in the address
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Esta Esta | 9 days ago
Let me think: you became a member of this site on June 27th this year and all your questions are in homework help. Hm, another one who have discovered the easiest way to do his/her homework. This is why i sometimes hate yahoo/answers. You have to watch that video again and again until you know the answers or you can choose to flip burgers later in life. Not that there's something wrong with flipping burgers, if that's what you want in life, it's just a way of speaking.
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You will probably get a zero for the homework you forgot. School systems leave absolutely no room for error, so you'll have to work extra hard on the rest of your homework to average out that zero. Don't feel bad, it happens to everyone at some point. Some teachers will let it slide once, others will make you feel bad. This is to keep you from doing it again. Do you have a homework pass you can use? If not, just keep looking up! Good Luck! God Bless!

Clarette Clarette
Homework is a discomfort within the ***, however it is valued at it and the penalties of now not doing it are low grades, low self worth, hating college, indignant dad and mom, and awkwardness round lecturers. The high-quality factor to do is simply DO the homework. Don't attempt to suppose, "I is not going to..." or doubt your self - do just it! You must be clever approximately it, do the homework that's main first, depart the little matters for final, take widespread breaks, no consuming even as running as it is distracting, NO TV till you're COMPLETELY performed.
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Baylee Baylee
I think that the woman is the Caucasian one. She sounds sort of British while the man sounds like a different race. No offense is to mean in this.
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Adeline Adeline
Hm... I say that it is a trick question and that they are both Mexicans. Turn that in and see how well you do from not doing your own work.
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