Should I tell my Mum about this?

Should I tell my Mum about this? Topic: Essays about finding yourself again
June 20, 2019 / By Lynda
Question: Today, my sisters and I went shopping. The shopping centre in my town is small since the town itself is very small, so I drove us to a town about an hour or two away. 99.3% of people in this area are White/English, so if there is a coloured person present, you can spot them from a mile away. Anyways, me and my sisters wer having a good time, and we sort of split up within one big shop looking at different things. Then my little sister runs to me and says there are two guys following us. We find my other sister and she spotted them too. I then made sure we didn't split up but were we're totally scared. Wherever we would go they would be standing there looking...and giving us that pervy smile.. We then decided to leave that shop and went into a perfume shop trying to make sure they didn't see us, but they found us and were waiting outside. And then one of them came in and just walked passed us, we tried to ignore it. We then went out of that one and thought we'd just go into another area of the centre. While we were walking one of them came up and I saw, he tried to grab me...kinda like put his hand out and said 'Excuse me' in his eeww freshy accent. I just sais 'Get lost you (then muttered a bad word)'..but I was so scared inside, then we just decided to drive back home. Ok, back to the point...should I tell my Mum that this happened?...If I tell her she will never let us go shopping again. Usually whenever we get back from shopping we like all excited showing my Mum and older sister what we bought, but they've noticed we are unusually quiet. Oh and another time, I saw them while in my bank, and they followed me into a shop, I just ignored it and kinda lost them. But my university is in that town. What if I see them again? I know this kinda stuff may happen a lot in cities, but we are totally not used to this, we live in the countryside..and it's just odd. (This doesn't relate to my last question) I’m so sorry for the essay. Thanx for answering =) Wait, he didn't get a chance to touch me, I moved away in time..
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Kaylie Kaylie | 9 days ago
Tell your parents. No offence, i mean this in a nice way and i mean this as advice, but this is the EXACT reason why you should go out with a mahram (male relative who you cannot marry due to your relationship with them e.g. Dad, brother uncle etc) If you have no mahram then quiet simply don't go If those guys bother you again, call the police. simple If I were you i would inform ALL the family, parents, unlces brothers etc. ALL of them
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Huldah Huldah
If I was you I would be freaked out too, whether this happens in cities or not people shouldn't be following you and definitely not trying to touch you! Maybe you should talk to your older sister and make her aware if you don't want to tell your mum! Personally I probably would tell my mum and so she is aware, tell her not to worry, I know mum's always worry no matter what but make sure you let her know that you are just making her aware and will be careful whenever your out again! By the sounds of it there is no doubt that these people were following you and it might be useful to report it to the police so they can warn other people, that is if you could give detailed enough descriptions! Good luck with this, I know it must be hard, you want to let your mum know but also keep your freedom! Please be careful when your out and I definitely wouldn't split up from your sister again, you need to watch out for each other!
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Edwena Edwena
Your parents are there to protect you. And if this was my child or children, I would want to know 100%. You absolutely tell her. And maybe let the police know. Because without a record, these guys could do or try to do anything and get away with it. Something like this could be innocent ignorance, but it could be a fetal attraction. You can not know. So you need to make sure you tell you parents. And if it means not going to the Mall or shopping for awhile alone, then better safe than sorry. Your parents will be your best protectors, because only God loves you more.
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Charlene Charlene
It sounds like you could put them in jail a for few days. And if you can you should, no matter who finds out, he's feeding off your fear. Do not be hasty to fight but in case you need to take things into your own hands be prepared, carry mace and if it's legal wherever you live or travel a weapon. I keep a swiss army knife withe me on my key chain at all times (mostly for other purposes). Some times I carry a few more pocket knives. But if it came down to hand -to-hand I may use brute force, but that may be a bad idea for me at 135 pounds. Now always stick to the group. If I was in your place I would tell your mother. If I were you mother I would need to know this.
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Ariadne Ariadne
I dont think you should tell her but I may have a pretty complicated solution. you could ask your mum to come into town with you because you saw a a shirt or something that you thought would suit her but you didnt know whether it would fit her or not, so she could come into town with you and see it. if you see the pervy weirdos again when your in town with your mum, go into a clothes shop and if the weird men follow you into that shop tell your mum the shirt or whatever was in this shop. wander around the shop pretending to look for the shirt, if the men stand near a rail of clothes point at the rail and tell your mum"thats the shirt over there". the men will think your pointing them out to your mum and their sure to leave you alone!!! :)
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Zalmon Zalmon
I would tell your mom, just so she knows what happened. dont go shopping alone, next time you go shopping bring an older brother, male cousin, or your dad! I know its sometimes impossible to take someone with you, everytime you want to go somewhere, but if I ran into these guys more than once, I would definitely be more careful. Think about your own safety, and the safety of your little sisters. Dont go shopping alone, or shop online!
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Sib Sib
The right thing to me is to let your mom know what about if they keep on following you guys it's better of telling her or someone you trust. They might not believe you at first but your little sister can help you prove then that what you are saying is right! _For your own protecting and your little sisters you should let her know what's going on because thats not right for someone to be molesting you guys. I been through this and i was alone they followed me home i taught that was the end of me but when i let my family know they were there to support me and understood me . IT'S HER BUSINESS!! Let her know _ but then again thats just my opinion.
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Odran Odran
Yes yes yes. Something similar happened to my friends older sister, and she didn't tell anyone, but a few days later, he had kept quiet, and she ignored him but he jumped out at her one night and tried forcing her to kiss him. Luckily somebody saw from another window and ran out and the guy ran away- I'm not exactly sure wht happened I know they went to the police, but I don't konw if he was ever found
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