Thoughts on vegetarianism?

Thoughts on vegetarianism? Topic: Death research articles
June 19, 2019 / By Adriannah
Question: I have thought about becoming a vegetarian many times because I feel terrible being responsible for so many deaths. Then, when you think about it your not the ones killing them. They're already dead. I need some input on whether I should become a vegetarian or not, also considering I don't even like meat that such besides fish.
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Thaddeus Thaddeus | 3 days ago
As the user ''too.much'' recognises a vegetarian & vegan death is reliable for killing. As i said in a previous answer when you buy any vegetable or such what you are saying to the farmer is ''i condone you to clear the land of its original habitat & all its creatures so you can grow my veg, to shoot/trap etc any pest such as deer or rodents that come for the crops & to lace the crops with pesticides (organic too do this) so that any survivors or newcomers are poisoned to death'' There is nothing unintentional about this or ''an unfortunate byproduct of crop production in an imperfect world'' as some vegans would say. Some would argue that a vegan diet is NOT the least harmful death at all, that there are other methods such as grass fed beef that utilise poor soil land such as the american prarie as opposed to the heavy fertilisation & such used to artificially sustain crops on these lands that result in much more deaths. If you are going vegetarian please be aware of iron, vegetarian females are recommended to get about 33mg as oppsoed to 18mg if on a vegetarian diet as plant sources of iron are not as readily available to the body & plant chemicals inhibit it being absorbed well. Depending on your menstrual flow this iron need can go up more. Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in both vegetarians & meat-eaters who eat a poor diet. You could also look into oysters as they are not sentient creatures & the manner of obtaining them is pretty much lower environmentally etc than veg crop harvesting, they are also a rich source of nutrients. Vegans & vegetarians often make the mistake of making ethics & such out to be black and white, i did once too without proper research. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/food/2010/04/consider_the_oyster.html
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Thaddeus Originally Answered: Vegetarians! Doing research Paper on how Vegetarianism is *healthier* than any other diet. Have info to share?
Well I started loosing weight when I went veg. & my skin cleared up a whole lot. :) good luck on your paper! peta/peta2.com are very good websites to use.

Porter Porter
It's supply and demand. If you buy meat, you're signaling a demand, and more animals will be bred and slaughtered for meat. You're not killing it, but you're supporting someone else killing it.You vote with your dollar Yes, a vegetarian diet isn't cruelty-free. Animals are poisoned to keep them out of grain stocks, habitats are uprooted for farmland, pesticide use goes into run off that harms the environment and habitats. But the point is to minimze all that. You eat grains and produce anyway, why add slaughtering animals ON TOP of that. If you want to be vegetarian or pescatarian, it's up to you. You wanted some thoughts, so I gave you some =) If you decide to become one, then do so healthfully. http://www.vrg.org has some good info for you to read.
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Maitland Maitland
Deaths? That's a natural part of life. Every single life-form on this planet lives at the expense of another life-form. Its just the way it works. Even a vegetarians diet kills animals.
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Jenkin Jenkin
Girl, don't feel sad. It's just the life cycle!! And vegetarians are very healthy, I was one once. It is very hard. But it's good. It's like a diet. U loose weight cause your eating veggies and fruit. Meat has much fat, and that's why. It would be alright, but I would not reccomend it. Every human needs a fair amount of calcium.
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Geoff Geoff
looks like a thought from somebody of Buddhist mysticism or some eastern appropriate philosophical equipment. The you maximum probably correlated to the ego, the "I" that we parade around in our each and on a daily basis lives. yet our genuine selves, what's left after the ego has dissolved, exists in a type of infinity. that's a eye-catching thought, it speaks to the grandeur of existence, the indoors-connectedness of all issues. you're right here, yet you're additionally everywhere at as quickly as.
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Geoff Originally Answered: Marijuana. Your thoughts?
First of all, you're NOT always going to get biased opinions as an answer. Take me, for example. I have ACTUALLY SMOKED marijuana for a LONG TIME, and KNOW what I'm talking about. Stating fact is not biased. It is stating fact. Marijuana will NOT mess up your life, or your family. If that happens, it would have happened without the MJ. Second of all, if we use the reasons given to us why we shouldn't smoke pot that "it's bad for you so it should stay illegal", then you can logically assume that every other thing that is bad for you should be illegal such as cars, guns, eggs, bacon, butter, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol. Since these are not illegal, (but ADMITTEDLY BAD FOR YOU) you can logically assume that there are other reasons for it being illegal. Coming from somebody who has had PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, smoking anything is bad for you. That is your choice, correct? The actual chemical THC is 'bad' for you in that it makes you slow, but that is why you smoke it in the first place. That is the desired effect, so it is not actually bad for you if you think about it. Smoking tobacco is bad for you, and in my (experienced) opinion, worse for you than marijuana. The worst thing about MJ is that it is illegal. It is not intrinsically bad for you, since none of the effects are permanent, and they are all reversible. Do the research, people, this is not biased information, this is simple fact. Fact. Coming from somebody who has real-life experience with it, not propaganda, and not outwardly-biased opinions, it is not "bad".

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