Where can I learn Russian in Adelaide, SA?

Where can I learn Russian in Adelaide, SA? Topic: Old german writing alphabet letter
June 25, 2019 / By Raelene
Question: Hey, I am interested in picking up russian as a second language, I live in Adelaide and know that the school of language does not teach it and was wondering if there was anywhere else?
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Melle Melle | 2 days ago
I learned how to read and write in Russian at first mainly by doing seaches online. It is a hard language to learn because it uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which is a blend of mostly Greek alphabet and Old Latin alphabet character derivations. But that made it a rewarding challenge once I conquered and memorised the Russian alphabet. But then it is also a complex (or rather more simplified) sentence structure that they do not use the same rules which are applied in English. Good luck with your endeavor to learn this language. You should enjoy it though. I recommend finding a good set of books with cassette tapes or DVD's that will give you the phonetics while you learn the alphabet. It is a unique language and nothing like German, French, Spanish, or English although you will find that when you pronounce some words in Russian that they do sound like their English cousin. You will see, they do sound very similar sometimes so much so that it is just the letters that are different and that is all. Try this: http://masterrussian.com/ I think you can try this for free but if you like this program and really want to learn Russian, I would suggest trying this: http://www.byki.com/fls/free-russian-software-download.html?l=russian
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Melle Originally Answered: I want to learn Russian?
*Star* Russian is a very interesting language, not the easiest as it contains genders: masculine, feminine and neutral which decline according to the order of the sentence. The conjugation is as long to learn as for French. I advice you to learn with a good coursebook. Here is a useful website http://masterrussian.com/ and http://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&source=web... and http://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&source=web... http://russian.speak7.com/ http://www.open-of-course.org/courses/mod/resource/view.php?id=388
Melle Originally Answered: I want to learn Russian?
Russian is pretty similar to English and French, being distantly related, but there are some major differences. 1. The case system. Russian has 6 cases. Case systems (basically a different way of using prepositions or describing transitive verbs) are a little difficult for people who only speak languages like English and French, which don't have case systems. However, it's not so bad and you'll get used to it after a while. 2. The sounds in Russian are also very different. You have to learn to roll your R's, but if you already know how, that's good. There are also a number of other uncommon sounds. 3. The syntax is pretty different, too. For instance, there are no definite/indefinite articles. 4. The alphabet, but you already know that. Over all, it's not as hard to learn for English speakers as Chinese or Finnish, but there are some major differences from French and English that might make it a little difficult. I have a cousin who learned it in a couple of years, however, so you should be OK. Good luck!
Melle Originally Answered: I want to learn Russian?
If you have the alphabet memorized, the hardest part of any language is knowing how to conjugate. Russian conjugation is somewhat similar to English, one thing to know is that there are no russian words for the words "the" and "a".

Leena Leena
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Leena Originally Answered: Could I learn Russian this fast?
Ive known a lot of students of the Russian language and not many make it to a level that would be required to study law in Russia (that is, listening to lectures in Russian, writing technical essays in Russian). You would call this level 'advanced'. To reach an upper-intermediate level naturally varies from person-to-person, depending on sustained motivation, how many hours per week you devote to study and practice, and your natural learning capacity. But if you are strong with all three of these aspects then after 4 years at college / university studying Russian you might be able to reach an upper intermediate level. However, to make the leap from upper intermediate to advanced you really need to be immersed in russian culture (ie. living there) and using Russian as a necessity of life, combined with private lessons that force you to write essays. Realistically this would pose too much of a challenge for most people in 4 years .. but if you're really, really dedicated and work VERY hard you might be able to do it. I would suggest contacting the universities where you plan to study law and ask them what level of Russian would be required. Perhaps they will tell you that only an upper-intermediate level is necessary and then you can definitely do it in 4 years. Good luck! (and if you hear back from the universities I would be very grateful if you could let me know what they said!)
Leena Originally Answered: Could I learn Russian this fast?
It takes an average person 5 years to learn a new language. That sure would be a lot to accomplish in only 4 years. I have no experience whatsoever with learning Russian, but I'm in a Spanish class for 2 years now, and have only learn just the very basic grammars and some good vocabulary. I think 5-6 years should be better. Good luck though.

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