What does a doctor do to diagnose your vaginal infections?

What does a doctor do to diagnose your vaginal infections? Topic: Case scenarios for nurses
June 26, 2019 / By Maura
Question: I am going to the doctors four days from now, I am nervous because my doctor is a guy and it is awkward to tell your guy doctor and worst case scenario is showing it to him. There are female nurses too. What will they tell you to do? Oh and my discharge is thick, it is yellowish-white and looks like cottage cheese. I am a virgin and I'm only thirteen.
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Latisha Latisha | 7 days ago
Hi Reece, You will most likely have to get a urine check as well as a pap smear to send to the lab. Your doctor will need to check for yeast or other infections. When you have a male doctor, they will have a female nurse enter the room with you. It's for your protection and his. They will prep you on what to do when you get there. Just remember that he has seen problems like yours many times, so try not to feel so awkward about it. Good luck!
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