So against my advice (as usual)?

So against my advice (as usual)? Topic: Andrea papers
June 26, 2019 / By Meg
Question: My 30 year old divorced son decided he needed a dog. He went out and bought a POS WHITE Boxer pup. Well with his work schedule finally realized he couldn't properly care for it and dumped it on me." Oh Mom you know Ian (my grandson) would be so upset if he couldn't visit the pup" So here I am with another dog I really don't need. When the pup arrived at 5 mos. he had only one testicle. So I figured its gonna cost me to have the other one surgically removed. In a few weeks the other one came down and guess what?? Now a third one has dropped as well. LOL..Has anyone else ever heard of this? Oh and before I get the "It may be a tumor" answers. It is not. I've manipulated it and yes it is a third testicle. He is going to the vet to be neutered in a week. When I told my vet she just laughed and asked me if she could charge me extra. She also said this was the first case she ever had personally but, its not unheard of. I just wonder if anyone else ever heard of it? Hey JL, I know my son can be an idiot at times and as I stated I told him not to get this crappy dog from the BYB not puppy mill he bought it from. But damn if every time a kid (to me anyway) did something stupid and against your advice it "changed your relationship" with them.......Most mothers would never see there kids again or else have to pull an Andrea Gates on them. Yes he was stupid but, he will always be my son no matter how dumb he can act sometimes. And if impulse buying wasnt a human trait we wouldnt be in this stupid economy now. Have a heart. I'm not dumping the dog and I wasnt prepared for it either. I have several other dogs (all medically cared for) the only reason its taken me this long to have it neutered is I've had to save up the extra unexpected expense. My hours at work had dropped and I am in the process of starting a new business. The dog is not deaf or blind. He is all white with the exception of the very tip of his docked tail. recently he has had a few what I call freckles appear on his face. I must admit he is a very intellegent dog. Once he receives proper training and matures a bit, he will be a good pet. My 15 year old is trying to teach him agility and they are both learning together. He is purebred but papered by CKC so theres no way to know for sure. I have know bad feelings towards the pup. Just the idiots that bred him. Stalker, you kill me. I should have thought of that one myself. Why have it neutered at all? I could go on the road with a feak show and make a million. LOL........No I will do the right thing by the dog and I know you know that. But, still with over 40 years of experience with dogs I've never heard or seen it before either.........I guess I'm just the lucky one.........huh?
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Lavone Lavone | 9 days ago
I've heard of horses having ONE extra,retained,& when gelded,it still acted "studdy" but never w/dogs. At least the thing isn't 5-LEGGED. I'll be fascinated to hear if it actually IS supernumerary & not just a fat deposit or inguinal hernia or lord knows what. It will be easier to REHOME after it's tidied up.Especially since since it's "rare",therefor more appealing to the average boob. Have fun.
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You're way to young to give up on life. That generally happens after you hit 40. Seriously though, he's the first guy that you really liked that's come in to your life. It doesn't mean he's going to be the only or last one. Most everyone here has been through what you've been through and there's no easy solution to just get over it. Time will heal your wounds but don't lock the whole world out either. There's many more people out there that will come and go in your life. Some will make a blip on the radar but others will make a huge impact on you. Let both do that. As far as seeing him in school, while it's going to be tough on you, apparently it's going to be tough on him too so just be friendly - even as much as it's going to hurt you initially, it will get better over time. Best of luck!

Jocosa Jocosa
Years ago a man I knew had a gorgeous Rottweiller he planned to show. This was the first pup he'd bred and trained by himself and he was so proud of the pups progress in training. All he talked about were his plans for this puppy. This one was going to the moon the way he talked and was going to make him a bundle of money. Anyway- right before the first show he took him to the vet for routine shots and it was discovered that the pup had a locked testicle and he was going to have to be neutered. He was understandably upset about the sudden loss in future income but good naturedly decided that there was no reason the pup could'nt be shown anyway just not bred. So he asked the vet to just remove the locked testicle and surgically put a fake one in so the pup could still be shown. The vet agreed and the surgery was done the following week. The pup went to his first big show and everything went very well until the judge started handling the pup. Then a problem was found. The poor pup had 3 testicles instead of 2.
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Gail Gail
Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard of this! I, myself, am curious to know if this could be a result of inbreeding, due to the fact that the breeder of this POS has NO regards for the breed what so ever at all, the same as the people who breed ALBINO Dobes. I'm sure that some of the BYB's on this site would be thrilled if their dog had 3 b*lls, as that would make them feel that their dog was *more* of a man. LOL Can't wait to see any other responses to this one.
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Deana Deana
LOL WOW! Nope, never seen 3 testicles. It could be a genetic thing passed on from an ancestor OR...he could be the first in his line with the mutation. Mutations aren't always inherited and ALL mutations started somewhere...he may be the first (but apparently the last once you have him neutered!). You should definitely take pics and ask the vet if the surgery can be video taped! Lol!
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Bridget Bridget
You are a true dog lover. Why did you let your son walk away free and clear? If your son wanted this dog then he should still shoulder the responsibility. Tell your son since he went and got this dog he is still financially responsible for it which includes vet costs, food and any other costs. I can't think of quicker way to teach him to think things through rather than impulse shopping. You provide the dog love and your son provides the financial support.
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Alfreda Alfreda
You're vet is right its not unheard of but it quite rare. I have never seen something like that. He would have to be neutered because that 3rd testicle would cause lots of problems for him. I would also have him tested for deafness, many white boxers are and if you are going to keep him i think its best you know so you know how you are going to train him, can't train a deaf dog with voice commands. His eyes might need to be checked too, there is always a chance he could be deaf and blind. Because white dogs lack the pigment melanin i believe it is, they have the tendency to be impaired. Thats why you see it a lot in Dals. A Dal with all white ears is likely to be deaf or partially deaf. And if you are going to re home him its best that you find out so you can tell the new owners. Edit- Inbreeding does not cause mutations, if the trait for white or three balls was not in the line somewhere this pup could have been perfectly healthy. Traits just don't pop up out of nowhere its ludicrous to believe that. Its impossible to get a genetic mutation from nowhere in the line, it had to be somewhere. Somewhere back in the line of this dog, there was a dog that had three testicles probably only two were descended and the third was retained. Somewhere in the line their was a white boxer or a boxer that carried that trait. Both of his parents had to have either carried that trait for white or were white.
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Tylor Tylor
hazardous Relationship. Move Away. Start saving, no extras going out (shopping,partying,movies dancing,drinking). Don't listen to her chatter, allow it to literately roll off your back. When you want to do harm go running or chop wood. And when you are really ready to leave. Like you have found another place and you have your stuff there. You tell her now your life isn't shortened no longer. Or you allow it to literately roll off your back but you need to really have a heart to heart with your mother to really get through this hazardous avalanche of a relationship
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Ridley Ridley
Well, there are so many with only one, that your pup's littermates were likely all whelped with just one..and he got the left-overs! No tellin how many the vet will find in there..Tee-hee!! Nope, never heard of THREE..One of my Afghans was born tail-less! You can imagine how that looked.. I just gotta tell you, tho..A prospective buyer called, wanting my stud dog, as he liked his pics on my website. I told him that Nougat wasn't for sell..He became irate! He told me to name my price..as that was the dog he wanted, to begin his own kennel in the Arab Emirates. I told him I had two very nice males, that would be perfect for him..but, NOPE, he wanted Nougat. A few days later, he called to ask how much for one of the youngsters, and I told him. He asked me what was wrong with them, that they were so cheap! I assured him that nothing was wrong, and he made an appointment to come and see them. Well, he called and canceled the appt. He said he got another, better, more expensive male, from (well-known name in the breed) He called two weeks later, wanting me to ship one of my males to him. The one he bought had only one testicle! Both of my males had been placed by then, so I didn't sell him one..BUT, I still get good laughs about his 'better' dog.
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