Atheists, do you respect me at all?

Atheists, do you respect me at all? Topic: How to write a fairy book
June 20, 2019 / By Mickey
Question: This question is only for atheists, I don't really need any other answers. I am a Christian. I believe that the Bible is true, certainly not all literal, but true nonetheless (FYI, I am an evolutionary theist, so don't bring that up). I won't say anything more about my beliefs. As an atheist, do you respect me as a rational human being knowing that I am a Christian? I will say that I'm not a moron. I believe that Christianity is reasonable. I think it's reasonable to look at the universe and conclude that something supernatural created it. I think it's reasonable to say that miracles can happen due to the aforementioned supernatural being. I think that it's reasonable to say that Jesus was a real person who performed miracles, was killed, and was raised from the dead. I would say that there are many other Christians like this, even though it seems like most atheists (at least on the internet) assume that Christian belief is based in blind faith which shuns knowledge. I was raised as a Christian, but I was uncomfortable with many of my beliefs, and guess what? I actually did some research, and found that they were reasonable! Yet most questions and responses to questions I see written by atheists are blatantly disrespectful, regarding religion as fairytales. I don't mean to accuse atheists of being jerks, but I do want to ask if everyone, as an atheist, even finds it possible to give Christians the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are rational until individually proven otherwise. It is very frustrating for me to have to read posts by people who clearly have much less respect for me than I have for them. Whew, a lot of responses in only a few seconds. I just want to make it clear to all atheists, I generally respect you guys, there are some exceptions, but these are usually the loud-mouthed ones that go around publishing books calling me delusional. I just wanted to make sure that everyone realizes how frustrating it is when people use terms like delusion or fairy tale to describe my beliefs. The term myths is much less inflammatory, though I respectfully disagree with its use, and you can simply think that I'm wrong and state your argument using logic and not put-downs, although I've looked at the arguments already, so it won't change my mind. It just bothers me when people respond to religious questions that don't concern them just so that they can put down my beliefs, or when people respond in a way that is deliberately rude. Thanks for the responses guys.
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Lexia Lexia | 2 days ago
"I think it's reasonable to look at the universe and conclude that something supernatural created it." I find nothing about that belief either reasonable nor respectable. In fact, I find in in confluence with a complete lack of understanding about the universe. That doesn't mean I don't respect *you*. You may very well be a good, decent human being. You're simply a good, decent human being who happens to be completely ignorant regarding a great many things. I can respect certain things about your character without respecting your intellect, or lack thereof. "(FYI, I am an evolutionary theist, so don't bring that up)" Well, see, there you go. You happen to be more intelligent than a significant percent of your brethren. Respect isn't an all-or-nothing thing. And don't mistake respect for liking. There are theists, even Creationists, that I like, because they're good people. Some of the best people in this world are dumb as a post. Addendum: "I just wanted to make sure that everyone realizes how frustrating it is when people use terms like delusion or fairy tale to describe my beliefs." If I told you that I believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, would you call me a delusional person who believes in fairy tales? Be honest, now. I think you would (and you would have good reason to). Try to look at things from our perspective.
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Jules Jules
yes i respect you. as i see it there is no difference between an atheist and a christian besides from that cristians beliving in jesus, god and so on. i have both atheists and christian frends that are very good peopel. the only thing that i diffret betwen them is that if the belive in god or not. if your an atheist; we belive the same. if your a christian; i respekt your opinion, even though I do not agre with it P.S sry for not reading the whole text XD
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Ginny Ginny
Sure, I respect you. I sure as hell don't respect your beliefs though. I think that Christianity is a fairytale and none of it makes any damn sense. I'm not giving Christians the benefit of the doubt because I don't believe in magic. Sorry that you couldn't change the way I think *eyeroll*.
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Derby Derby
I respect you as a person. i have no problem with religious people, what I have a problem with is religion and religious people controlling our lives.
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Caltha Caltha
disagreeing w you is not being "disrespectful" i think the stories in the bible are myths...that doesnt mean i disrespect you personally ..... but i will admit that i DO NOT respect church leaders (more often because of their political interference)
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