Can someone help me with sonnets?

Can someone help me with sonnets? Topic: How to write a english poem essay
June 26, 2019 / By Mindy
Question: I need to write a 14 line sonnet for my English essay, but i'm having problems writing one because I've got absolutely no creativity whatsoever, not to mention im bad with poems. It has to have a a Rhyme Scheme (for example: abab, cdcd,efef,ghgh, ii), and it can be about anything, but if you can prefferably about life, motivation, or the tsunami that's happened in Japan recently
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Lilias Lilias | 8 days ago
Dear, I will answer your request in verse, To show how Libby can write a sonnet. There's no need for you to beg and coerce Sit down and put on your thinking bonnet. A wealth of facts are at your finger tips, Just arrange them in some sort of order. You may find your work able to eclipse The most diligent swat and school border. The road to success; one you walk alone. Where you must recognise your unique work, And find some pride in an effort your own. Grandeur; never achieved by a lazy jerk! Yes.... this poem has really pissed you off! I so enjoy, at your expense, a scoff!
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Kacey Kacey
Keep your head held high and your dreams in sight. Always be willing to put up a fight. Discard the hurtful words that put you down. You're beautiful so take away that frown. For all the times you have been there for me is far more than the fish under the sea. You always know all the right words to say. Have I mentioned that you brighten my day? The bond that you and I share together is tougher than a piece of firm leather. Life is such a treacherous journey and without you be more than I could withstand. You know I will love you until the end which is what declares you my best friend. I just had to write this one for a class. I had to somehow incorporate nature and a human emotion. I just threw in the fish under the sea part for nature and the emotion was love.
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