Is college education worth the price?

Is college education worth the price? Topic: Peer research articles
June 20, 2019 / By Nanny
Question: I am writing an essay for my English 105 class and is college education worth the cost is the topic. I am looking to get some opinions, stories, or if anyone knows of any good articles about this to please share. My stance is that college is only worth the price if you know what you're going for, but i am open to any opinions to help
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Lorina Lorina | 3 days ago
Many students who start college don't have the necessary maturity to handle college appropriately. The students that usually succeed in college are the ones who -Self-studied their subject during high school and beforehand, They had previous experience with particular subjects and are more likely to understand what they enjoy and what they are good at. They will have goals from an earlier age and they will be more likely to push themselves to get scholarships, get involved with research or get internships at an earlier age, read to learn how to be successful in that particular area because they want to succeed. -The ones who volunteer at an early age. Volunteering allows you to experience opportunities where your leadership skills are developed, you will be more objective and knowledgeable of the world as a whole, you will learn how to work as a team and get things done, and you will have greater interpersonal skills. A lot of students also end up indirectly learning about careers and different industries when they volunteer. All of these things will help with the struggles they will face during college, and they will also be more likely to know what career they want at an earlier age. -The ones who take AP classes- they are more likely to not flunk out of college (which is a huge problem btw so you should look up statistics). They are able to handle the work load once they get to college, this will make their transition easier for them and they won't be as confused or stressed about academics so they can be calmer and focus more on internships, volunteer work, research experience, and networking instead of panicking because they never learned how to study before. They will also get higher GPA's, so they will have more career opportunities because they will have a higher chance of getting into grad school. -Come from wealthier backgrounds- Children who have wealthy parents are more likely to hear about careers. These children will usually have more goals for themselves because they are aware of the possibilities - whereas students from lower socio-economic background may never have discussions with their parents about possible careers because their parents have no knowledge themselves about how to be financially successful. If you learn about a vast array of careers little by little all throughout your life, then you will be ready to pick a career that fits your interests and skills at a younger age. If you go into college and have very little knowledge about careers, then it is unlikely that you can pick a career that fits your skills and interests withing two years. Many college students don't even know what their interests and skills are. You can use your school's database to look up peer-reviewed articles. It is only worth the price if you will get a good return on your investment. Most STEM careers and healthcare careers have a good return on investment. Business degrees will for the most part have a return on investment. But if someone goes into $20,000 in debt to get a psychology degree, but they have no internships, not research experience, no networking experience, no volunteer experience, have less than a 3.6 GPA, and haven't done much research about careers then that would be a bad investment because they will likely end up with the same job they would have had if they hadn't gone to college at all. Plus that's about 5 years of wages that they don't have in their pocket. Most college students graduate within 5 years, not 4. Many Psychology majors know that they are going in for psychology. But they don't research how to get into grad school and they don't research any careers beforehand. So even if you know what what major you want, it sometimes doesn't matter. You should know about what careers you want and know how to get them.
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Yes, if the student does well in a major that has career opportunities. No, if the student selects a useless major.
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Katharyn Originally Answered: Is college truly worth it in todays world? Or is just something society and people tell you that you should do.?
PBS is having many discussions about the disadvantage of getting out of college with high debts and low wages facing them. The cost of college tuition in the recent years has out paced the cost of living by double digit percentages. Employers are unwilling to hire entry level workers at a higher salary than their older workers simply so the new grads have high schooling debts.

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