Poll 4 those who had a suspended profile, did you ever have a person you once blocked b4, email U & ask to be?

Poll 4 those who had a suspended profile, did you ever have a person you once blocked b4, email U & ask to be? Topic: Profile writing about a person
July 17, 2019 / By Jordyn
Question: a fan or contact again? I had a lady who was a friend, or so I thought before. I made a silly but tasteless joke about homosexual men involving Mickey Mouse. Nothing bad, just something about gays wearing high heels and chasing me. By not bad I mean it was not hateful, just silly. Well I got suspended for that. Ok, fine. I do not think it was worthy of a suspension, but hey, what can you do? I appealed, they refused. End of that story. In talking to her, she thought my joke crossed the line and she refused to say why other then it was bad to joke about gays. Strange, but I thought gay people had a sense of humor too. Is not humor the ability to laugh at yourself? Anyway, in my new profile, she writes to me asking if she can be my contact. I ask her if she is ready to say if my joke was not meant to be mean, just a silly joke that is too far for Yahoo. She went and did the silent treatment. So I blocked her. Apparently she still does not have a sense of humor. So do you have any people you formerly blocked asking to be your contact again? I still think that was weird, she may have even been the person who reported me. Too breezey for me, really.
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Best Answers: Poll 4 those who had a suspended profile, did you ever have a person you once blocked b4, email U & ask to be?

Hanani Hanani | 3 days ago
i only ever blocked one person on my old account....but i dont think it was anything to do with her that i got suspended.....i made the mistake last time of being too forgiving of haters so never bothered to block them ...so that probably helped get me suspended!! but yeah i too would be suspiciousif someone i'd blocked asked to be a contact....makes you wonder are they just wanting access to your Q and A?.....just so they can report you!! it happens quite a lot.....its a bit sad really that people have nothing better to do!!
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There are connections that parents and school administrators can access in order to communicate with MYSPACE officials in the event of needing to check on a student's/child's profile. Individuals cannot view blocked profiles unless they have hacked into them. I f you start noticing a lot of stuff being posted repetitively on your myspace it has probably been hacked and you need to reset your password. My biggest advice......................Dont worry about what others write about you--be confident in all you do --if they are writing crap...its they who needs to grow up

Edmund Edmund
Yes I have and no I did not remove the block from those that asked. I know they are trolls and I ignore them. They may try to come at me with another account but I am not going to make it easier for them. I have removed a block from a few people but not because they asked but because I watched how they answered questions and looked at their contacts and determined them not to be a threat. Your a good guy and you have plenty of great contacts that love your humor.
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Camden Camden
Yes, beware of the green dragon. If you got suspended once and never got a real answer on your suspension be extra careful who you let back into your contacts the next time. It seems odd that she would not answer you back!!! Do not let her back into your contacts!!! It isn't worth the hassle!! Good luck!! Everyone should have a sense of humor!!! No humor is tasteless!!
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Algar Algar
Nope I never had a contact like that. But there's one who would add my new accounts and delete me again just because i ask too many questions..lol. But the rare one i got is someone who compose a poem just because i blocked her, kinda unique. I think that's the ultimate lack of sense of humor.
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Tamsyn Tamsyn
I got a few BA's here and there on my first account after it had been suspended for a year, but I finally deleted the whole thing and just started over.
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