Do you think that this is plagiarism?

Do you think that this is plagiarism? Topic: College paper citation
June 20, 2019 / By Nehushta
Question: In my college business communication class i submitted a paper and just recently found out that Turnitin.com said i had some material directly quoted but not in quotes. I gave an in text citation for all of the sentences in question, and changed a few words from the original source but the sentences were still very similar. Is it plagiarism if i gave an attempt to give credit to the author? Also, what do you think the repercussions of this will be? Oh okay, just to clarify. I did not use quatations on the 3 or 4 sentences in question, but i did give an in text citaion on the sentences
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Best Answers: Do you think that this is plagiarism?

Lottie Lottie | 9 days ago
usually, when you submit a paper in school, it becomes the property of the college. some schools are different, tho, you should give your teacher a call and see what's up.
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Lottie Originally Answered: Is this plagiarism? please?
what a *****! no don't worry you have EVERY right to be upset. same thing happened to me that because i was "helping" someone with an essay by showing them a sample of my work, they: stole it, replaced it with their name, and the english teachers were talking and because of that person's stupidity they failed my paper for plagiarizing my own work! First off, I don't care how upset the teacher should get! He is an employee of the school and is their to instruct you on the class not to be your parent so he should not threaten you or say any crude/cruel remarks to you. Have you told your parents? I'm guessing your younger like still in college from your opening statement but definitely you should tell someone because that is unacceptable!

Kathleen Kathleen
You should either take the words directly from the source and put it in quotes, or paraphrase it in your own words and use an in text citation. Replacing some of the words from the original source and not putting it in quotes is not a good idea and starts getting close to plagiarism. Whether it is plagiarism or not depends on your intent and more importantly what your professor thinks your intent was. Without seeing what you did it's hard to say, but if you did have citations for the sentences in question and it just seems like you weren't that good at paraphrasing the text, I wouldn't consider that plagiarism. If it was really widespread and it seemed like you were trying to pass the writing off as your own, like if you just cut and pasted whole paragraphs and changed a couple words, that might be a different story. When I've seen cases of plagiarism it's usually really blatant. It sounds to me like you are just still learning how to write a serious paper. The repercussions depend on your school and if your professor feels it is plagiarism. If he thinks you made an honest effort and just didn't do that well he might dock a few points or have you resubmit the paper. Personally, I would go to him and let him know your concern before you even get the paper back. That will show that you're sincere and not trying to pull something over on him.
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Hephzi-Bah Hephzi-Bah
What do you mean by "an attempt to give credit?" Either you gave credit or you didn't. I doubt that giving credit in an improper format would constitute plagerism. Your instructor might consider that a learning opportunity for you. If you did not give credit at all, the repercussions will depend on how much you failed to attribute. If it's a sentence or two, nothing is likely to happen other than an admonition not to do it again. If it's whole paragraphs, that's another story, and the penalty will vary depending on your school's policy.
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Earlene Earlene
changing a few words is still plagiarism. You need to read it and rewrite the entire sentence, you can keep the general meaning, but unless it is in quotes you are taking another person's work. The repercussions depend on your college and their disciplinary committee. You can always appeal and show what you did and what you think was giving the author credit, but it could be anything from a verbal warning to expulsion. It is a very wide gambit.
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Celestine Celestine
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Celestine Originally Answered: Please help - Plagiarism Issue?
You can tell the person he took the words from. Most of the time plagiarism lawsuits are civil cases rather than criminal. Some people won't respond.

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