Does anyone know about this phenomenon?

Does anyone know about this phenomenon? Topic: Cyclone essays
July 17, 2019 / By Malachy
Question: I am doing an essay on raining animals. After it rains there are fish, frogs, or birds found on the ground. have anyone heard of such thing? Has anyone witness or read something about it please help!? okay, yes people say its a phenomenon because of tornados picking animals up, but could it be an act of god?
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Best Answers: Does anyone know about this phenomenon?

Jerahmeel Jerahmeel | 10 days ago
Yes. Cyclones (water tornadoes) pick up fish and other marine life. If it is powerful enough, it travels inland, loses force, and all the animals inside fall to the ground. It happens the same way tornadoes on land pick up dirt and other debris. Only, in this case, it's water and fish.
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Jerahmeel Originally Answered: What is this phenomenon?
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Gerald Gerald
Yes - I've seen video. It does happen. It's a rare but naturally occurring phenomenon. Like a waterspout forms and picks up a bunch of fish and travels inland before dissipating and spreading fish everywhere.
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Dishan Dishan
an act of god?? don't make me laugh! It is from storms off shore or in areas that these animals are living that pick them up only to drop them in areas miles away. Google it and you will find many sites to read about this.
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