What issues does your special needs loved one have in life (ex: w/ mental disabilities, autism, etc.)? Explain

What issues does your special needs loved one have in life (ex: w/ mental disabilities, autism, etc.)? Explain Topic: Do homework in asl have is used for
June 26, 2019 / By Paris
Question: There are people w/ disabilities, including mental disabilities, autism, schizophrenia, and other related disabilities / disorders. Let me tell you something about autistic human beings. Low functioning autistics have no language skills and cannot survive independently by themselvles. High functioning autistics are often successful, highly intelligent (according to their schools), and even talented, but they can have issues in life: they can be unemotional, frequently say inappropriate things, they can be literal-minded, they can get fixated on minor detail, they can get agitated when their routine gets altered and they can be extremely uncooperative when anything or anyone gets in the way of them doing what they want. They can even be highly sensitive, and have difficulty relating to other people / human emotions. If you have a loved one who is a special needs person, tell me what you know about that friend / loved one (brother, son, cousin, uncle, etc.).
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Margaret Margaret | 1 day ago
My 12 YO son is a stroke survivor,he had a stroke when he was 6 weeks old,he was intubated wrong. He is 75% brain damaged to the left side,25 % to the right side,he can hear,not talk,he uses American Sign LAnguage(ASL). Thor also has scoliosis,Cerebal Palsey and wears braces for both. Five years ago he was totally wheel chair dependent,today he rides a 2 wheeled bike with no training wheels. My husband and I love him dearly,we have expections for him we don't take no crap " cuz he is special". In school he is in a multi handicapped classroom,one of 8 students( the max allowed in our state),he gets homework daily,has classroom chores and helps around the home,Robin
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Kirsty Kirsty
I do have a niece that is autistic and wasn't diagnosed until she was about 3 years old, but she is a very sweet girl. She can't carry on a conversation with you but does understand everything that you tell her. She mainly repeats things that you say or things in her life that means something to her. She hates loud noise (fire crackers) and doesn't like for you to hug her. Who knows every autistic person is different because of the different levels, but she does know right from wrong and will correct her own self or tell you she's done or said something wrong. She is really fun to be around and is an angle in disguise, we consider her a true blessing. It's truly a miracle to watch her learn more & more everyday. Well that has been my experience with an autistic person.
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Jannette Jannette
My friend has an autistic four year old. He is considered "severe" in that he has not uttered a meaningful word, except a form of "Ma Ma," ever in his life. He can figure things out, like opening things up and he can lead people to what he wants. For awhile he pinched people severely to express his anger, though by using behavior analytic techniques, we got rid of that. He is a very difficult child to have around because he constantly changes activities and has tantrums. For instance, if you go to the store a different way, he will scream and scream. He also hates going to the store and once inside will scream his lungs out. His mother knows that she reinforces a lot of the behavior, but some of it just seems to be to get his way. Endlessly patient, she still gets deeply stressed. She feels isolated and alone because she lives in a small town with few other parents to talk with. Her husband is gone all day and she is stuck with two little kids. When she takes him to the park, he often attacks other children and the parents may understand, but it is too much to take, so they don't want him around. He does show affection to his mother and father on occasion, but bullies his younger brother. He is beautiful to look at, with auburn hair cut in a bowl style and dimples on each cheek and big brown eyes. I can see the heartbreak in his mother's eyes when she looks at him. Still she fights on for her son, making sure the school is doing the right thing and bringing in private speech people, though her income is very limited. She is such a brave and loving Mom.
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Ethelinda Ethelinda
One of my children has autism. She can be the most funny, loving and interesting people I have ever met. At other times she can be extremely violent, self centred, awkward and withdrawn. She is also a maths genius but yet can't go anywhere on her own. She worries about everything and gets really upset if her routine isn't adhered to. She has obsessions about people and objects. She also has a totally different outlook on life to anyone I have ever met. I have learnt so much from her!
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Claudia Claudia
There is little support when they reach adulthood. They remain very vulnerable to all people in society,good or bad. They are possibly more excluded in society than at any other times in their life, but hey, they were given a part once in a nativity play, so I guess they shouldn't complain!
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