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July 19, 2019 / By Abegayle
Question: I am a stay at home mom looking for ways to make money online. I have already spent hundreds of dollars on scams, so anything that i can make money with that is free would be greatly appreciated! If it costs money, and you have done it and know it works, that's fine also! Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sterling Sterling | 10 days ago
I don't know of many real jobs that are totally online. There is a company called Live-Ops that a friend works for and it is legitimate. You are like a customer service rep or secretary from home, but you do have to have a quiet area to work. (That was impossible for me with my toddler, haha). I know you can sometimes find home jobs on craigslist for real companies, too, but they are rare and require specialized abilities, usually. If you are willing to work outside the home maybe 3 hours a week on weekends, you could consider doing what I do. I have been very successful with it and never even considered it before I accidentally found it, but I needed extra income once I stayed home with my son. I do spa parties in homes, once a week usually on the weekend. Everyone adores the parties, as they get their girlfriends together, I bring all the supplies, and they pamper themselves with hand and foot treatments. I make about $400 extra a month, more if I put more time into it. I really enjoy it - never feels like work and it gets me out for adult interaction once a week. If you want to know more about it, contact me or look at my website www.myspagirlparties.com/sabrina. It's small but very quickly growing company, so it's still very personal and you can still talk to the owner at any time. In any case, best of luck in your search for work at home! :)
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Sterling Originally Answered: Stay at home mums: what exercises do you do to stay fit?
Having brought up 3 children myself, I never even thought that I might need additional exercise. Doing all the daily chores at home and keeping a good diet was just enough to keep me in shape. I walked my children to preschool and school, went shopping on my way home, cleaned the house, did the washing and ironing, prepared meals, picked up the kids again, helped with homework,made dinner, washed dishes. No time for a nap and no fast food.
Sterling Originally Answered: Stay at home mums: what exercises do you do to stay fit?
I think you already have plenty to do taking care of a 4 and 18 month old, plus another one on the way. I have heard of mother with young children doing exercises with their children. For example, you can do baby lifts with your 4 month old to strengthen your arms. You can get on the floor with your 18 month old to do your stretches. Do that and eat a healthy diet, and you will stay in shape.

Pacey Pacey
look for a local company i know we have one here in minnesota but i warn you the pay isnt all that great
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Pacey Originally Answered: Scam-free work-at-home businesses for stay-at-home moms?
Congratulations on your pregnancy! You're smart to begin your research now rather then when it's time to end your maternity leave. The first thing you need to decide is whether you're looking for a job or a business. There are several "jobs" out there but unless you manage to find a telecommuting job with a company, the jobs don't pay too well. Most of the work you do will be dependent upon what work is available. Jobs such as ChaCha, can be a lot of fun, but again--limited in the amount of money you can earn. A business can possibly have better income, but it all depends on you. The amount of income you earn will be dependent on you and not what work is available. Most of the companies will have a fee to pay for the starter kit. The cost can range. Some companies require inventory, so the starter kit is higher. I joined Scentsy and am having a great time with them. The starter kit for them was only $99. The best thing you can do is to follow your passion. If you're doing something you love, then it is definitely worth it. Do your research and ask a lot of questions. Good luck! Lisa
Pacey Originally Answered: Scam-free work-at-home businesses for stay-at-home moms?
I asked this question about a month ago. I didn't get any legit stuff, or stuff that sounded right. I got a lot of stuff about doing on-line surveys, but all of the websites wanted my name/address/social security number (for tax purposes they said). I was just to paranoid to give them that kind of info. Especially since I am a stay at home mom with 2 small children who is all alone during the day. I was paranoid some crazy would find me and come to the house. Let me know if you get any real answers. Good luck!

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