For all you adventure/fantasy readers out there?

For all you adventure/fantasy readers out there? Topic: Skills for reading and writing
June 20, 2019 / By Payton
Question: Ok im 16 and not much of a writer but i got the idea for a story and i wrote a sort of prologue. I want to know if i should keep writing this. would you want to read the whole story if you read this: Lungs aching, chest heaving but I kept running. The incessant beating of hooves never ceasing and coming ever closer. I've never been this far into the forest before . The trees started to thicken as I ran. Good, I thought, it might slow them down. About a hundred feet ahead I saw two trees that had fallen in on each other. There was no way they could fit. My persuers were getting closer, if I could just make it. Time slowed down as i ran towards them. All I heard was my breathing and the blood rushing in my ears. Almost there. I dove through the gap in the trees and skidded across the forest floor on the other side. I heard my jeans rip and felt the warm trickle of blood start dripping down my knee. It hurt like crazy but i didn't waste a second. I got up and kept going. About thirty feet away I heard the sound of hooves die away. I ran a little farther but had no choice but to slow down. I ducked behind a tree and collapsed on the ground gasping for breath. My hair and shirt were drenched in sweat. I must have ran at least 3 miles. Once I started to catch my breath I assessed my injuries. My jeans were torn and blood was pouring from the gash in my leg but other than that I seemed ok. I didn't want to move but I knew I had to stay alert. I was deciding what to do next when a twig snapped. I froze, not daring to even breathe. The blood was pounding in my ears. A million thoughts zoomed through my mind. Had I actually heard it? was it an animal? Could they have found another way around the trees? I slowly stood up and peered around the tree, ready to bolt out of there. Suddenly a dazzling white-hot light blinded me. I felt all the hair on the back of my neck and arms get singed off by the heat. My energy was zapped in a second and a half. I felt myself collapsing. I blacked out before I even hit the ground.
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Marilena Marilena | 7 days ago
Very promising! I love to read, and can tell if a person has anything unique planned, I can tell you used the basic 5 senses quality, which made it a bit refreshing as not so many author's don't do that anymore. As you have probably guessed, I WOULD read if you wrote ahead (duh!). My advice is to brush your already good writing skills on Fanfiction.net or something close to it. Ask a public librarian how you can get a book copyrighted/patented and published not to mention printing, editing,and advertising. It's going to take alot of hard work but you can probably do it.:) oh, and you might want to write for 14-17 year olds and be sure to add a pinch of school/parents/friends/interest in there. You don't have to do all but be sure to do one! Cheerio.
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Kris Kris
That's really good! Great wording and pretty descriptive. It sounds like something I wrote! I would definitely keep with it if I were you. I would keep reading it too! Very good.
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