Would you a book by Sarah Palin?

Would you a book by Sarah Palin? Topic: Books article
July 17, 2019 / By Florence
Question: Sarah Palin is apparently going to write a book ( http://www.theweek.com/article/index/90814/3/Palins_book_deal ) - good idea or bad idea? I think I would read it.
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Dalinda Dalinda | 2 days ago
Yes, it would come in handy to start the fire in my fireplace, thank you. Edit: And the question should read, would you buy a book?
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Dalinda Originally Answered: What do you think of Sarah Palin lying repeatedly in her new book?
It was definitely to be expected. She is one of the stupidest people in this country and she could run for president in 2012.... that's a disturbing thought considering how many Christian fundamentalists there are in this country who would be brainwashed enough to vote for her.

Blessing Blessing
I don't understand why people think this is okay. It's not the government's job to censor the people. They are not protecting us from anything we cannot do ourselves. People are lazy and they want someone else to shield their children or themselves for them. Banning books is effing retarded. Monitor what your children read. Do some research - the internet is easily accessible. The fact she was trying to get this woman fired for that is scary - if McCain gets elected and then his oldass dies - this bit ch could be president. This vindictive catty psycho religious nut could someday be the commander in chief. How effin scary is that? This can't happen. Let's all move to Canada. They'll be closing their borders if McCain gets elected because of the mad rush to get out of the country and the horrors that would await us. It's insane.
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Airlea Airlea
What would the title be, Understanding Narcissistic Morons, by; Sarah Palin, I'll pass on that, Thank-you.
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Trace Trace
I would only read it if it was published exactly how she had written it (no editing for grammar, punctuation or spelling errors). Same goes for George W Bush.
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Rearden Rearden
Do you think she'll explain why she believes only abstinence should be taught in sex ed but yet she was pregnant before getting married and her oldest daughter is too?
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Rearden Originally Answered: Why do articles about sarah palin refer to her as "ms. palin" and not "mrs."?
1) She should ne referred to as Governor Plain. 2) Ms. is an appropriate title for *any* woman, married or unmarried. 3) Miss refers only to single women. 4) Mrs. refers only to married women. For about two decades now, the standard has been to give a woman the title of Ms. unless, and until, she notifies you that she prefers either Miss or Mrs. It's that simple.

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