I want to get emancipated and live in NC, I have a few questions about this, so can you help me?

I want to get emancipated and live in NC, I have a few questions about this, so can you help me? Topic: Nc schools jobs application
July 17, 2019 / By Hallie
Question: I am 16 years old and live in NC. I have a friend that is willing to take me in under her roof. I am willing to get a job, but I don't currently have one because my parents wont let me. I am capable of making my own decisions, I have been for years. I have a good reason to be emancipated and am currently enrolled in high school. The only problem I am worried about is that I recieve a check for Survivor Benefits. I have looked in the law of emancipation in NC, and it says that if a parent needs a minor's income, that is highly considered. I know that if I get emancipated, then I lose my survivor benefits. I think that my parents will try to convince the judge that they need my income and that may make my emancipation deniable. If anyone has any information on this, like if this situation alone would be enough to stop my emancipation or anything required to get emancipated that I missed, I would definately appreciate it as soon as possible! Well I am getting applications to get a job right now....if i hold a job for a few months do you think it will be counted as supporting oneself? If I am just staying with the friend until I can save up enough money to rent a house would that be alright?
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Best Answers: I want to get emancipated and live in NC, I have a few questions about this, so can you help me?

Dollee Dollee | 4 days ago
North Carolina's main consideration in emancipation proceedings is "the petitioner's ability to function as an adult." If you have no income and your plan is to live at a friend's house, you are not demonstrating such an ability. You need a job and a real plan to move out before they would consider your request.
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Dollee Originally Answered: Can I get emancipated?
You can petition a juvenile court for emancipation at age 16. You will have two challenges. One is proving you can care for yourself and pay all bills, and second, hoping your parents do not object. There are some minimum conditions to be satisfied before the judge will make a ruling in favor of the child. The child must be a resident of South Carolina The child has to be at least 16 years of age The child must be living separate and apart from the parents or guardian The child must be capable of supporting himself or herself financially and managing his or her own affairs Each parent or guardian must consent (exceptions are there) However, if you become emancipated, that doesn't mean you can buy alcohol, tobacco, etc., since that is age determined.

Carnation Carnation
"I am willing to get a job but don't currently have one" "I have a friend who is willing to take me under her roof" "My parents will try to convince the judge...." All three of those issues make emancipation virtually impossible. You need to ALREADY hold a job, one that pays enough to support you totally. Finding that in this economy is unlikely to say the least. Why should someone hire a 16 yr old for an adult, full time job, when they can get an adult? You need to have a place to live, paid by you. Crashing on someone's couch is neither permanent nor sufficient. Your parents have to agree to the emancipation. If they challenge it based on income, you're dead in the water. Since you don't have a job, how did you propose to pay the legal fees involved in emancipation (they are significant)? Emancipation is a very rare legal procedure that seldom works. It is intended for a rare situation where a person is essentially an adult living in a child's body. Your situation doesn't appear to even come close.
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Angel Angel
Sorry, but no. You are not a candidate for emancipation. 1. In order for you to get emancipated, you need to be mature enough to take care of yourself. Bickering with or refusing to obey your parents' house rules will certainly cause you to flunk the maturity test. 2. You need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself with. Right now you don't even have a job. The money you may earn from flipping burgers is not enough to qualify as self-support. Also, living with friends or relatives, and couch surfing does not qualify as self-support. 3. Once you get emancipated you are considered to be a self-supporting adult. Your survivor benefits will end. Social Security survivor benefits end when a minor gets emancipated, gets married, or joins the military. Appreciate your parents. They want what is best for you. Being an adult is not all that it is cracked up to be. Trust me. Good luck
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Wilford Wilford
No judge will emancipate you to move in with a friend. You need to be able to show that you can support yourself independently.
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Wilford Originally Answered: How do you get emancipated?
You'd have to get married or enlist in the military to become emancipated. Both of these would require your parents' consent. PA doesn't have any laws about emancipation, otherwise. It's very easy to find this information. If you want to be treated like an adult, you need to act like one, and take responsibility for researching things.

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