How can u tell if a fetish is sick or just plain strange? I have this fantasy of making love to a paraplegic?

How can u tell if a fetish is sick or just plain strange? I have this fantasy of making love to a paraplegic? Topic: Sick homework
June 19, 2019 / By Debbie
Question: ok, i know,.. it is strange. It is my secret fetish/fantasy. my dad disliked those with disabilities,and told me never to hook up with one, so i never did. I had a crush on a guy in a wheelchair that my best friend hooked me up with. He would go into the hospital for back surgery and i would visit him,talk to him,while I did my homework. And kiss!!!! yes he could!! When my dad found out I was seeing him,once a year,for three years,he put a stop to it,right quick. I have never slept with a para or a quad, nor do i know any so i have no idea how that would work. Is it a fetish or am i just sick? I am really curious about it,and would like to know. serious answers only,please. i know of men who have a foot fetish/womens undies fetish,and have seen on tv some horse play fetishes,cannibal fetishes,s &m,slavery /bondage, ect. But I have never met anyone who has my fetish, or understands it.
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Britannia Britannia | 9 days ago
No, it's not sick... I actually think it just shows what a compassionate person you are. Not to many people would be willing to be with a person like that, and the fact that you would is quite beautiful. You are taking your feelings for one person, an unrequited love, and you've created an ideal of all people with similar characterisics. I have a fantasy of laying down a skinny, nerdy, shy poet, because the first guy I ever fell in love with was like that, and he was under a vow of chastity. So I never got to be with him. You're normal, honey...
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I agree with the other two answers. Shame on your mother for making you do her work. I also agree you should tell the school. If you're going college lever work and getting As and Bs, then you should be getting the college credit. Even if she denies it, a good english teacher can tell the difference between the work of two different people. Tell her first that it's time for her to take responsibility and do it on her own. You have your own school work to do, which could suffer (you didn't say if it was or not, but I imagine so) if you're focused on her work. Also tell her that the only thing she is teaching you right now is how to cheat. As her if she wants you to grow up to be an unethical cheat. A good parent teaches their children that cheating is bad. And tell her that she can be kick out of school for it. They take this stuff very seriously. Better yet, tell on her to her parents if they're still around. Or any family member that you think might help you in this situation.

Alice Alice
It seems obvious that this fantasy is from a subconscious desire to rebel against your dad's instruction to never hook up with someone who is physically disabled. What better way to rebel against your dad than to have sex with someone disabled. I am absolutely serious about what I just said. I use to work as a R.N. on psych units for years. Now I am only partially serious. If you ever want to fulfill your fantasy, I am not a paraplegic or a quad but I am 100% disabled with some serious physical problems. Leave a message on my 360 if you are interested.
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Tyson Tyson
If it is a fetish it sure sounds a LOT more normal than some of the others! I think maybe it's normal since your dad refused to allow the normal development of a relationship you seemed to have enjoyed! By the way doing all the work is Never boring!
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Riley Riley
a fetish cannot be considered strange, because by definition, iot already is. anything outside of normal textbook sex can be considered a fetish, so you cant really call it too strange. everyone is turned on by different things, and as long as its legal (unlike pedophiles) then your good to go. i personally wouldnt consider it sick, and as long as you have the means to do it( know a paraplegic or quad) have fun. dont care what other people think and do what makes you happy. youll be alot happier in life that way
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Mervyn Mervyn
It is definitely not sick in any way, as you want to make love to a human being. It would be interesting, just for yourself, to think about what the benefits of a paraplegic are for you, compared to a 'normal' person. Then maybe if you do not end up with a paraplegic partner, you can still find a way to incoprporate what you want into your sexual life.
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Josaphat Josaphat
I don't think it's really strange but I'm kinda into role play. I want my guy to dress up like a cop and arrest me. Then interrogate me and try everything he can (sexually) to get the truth out of me. That would be so hot. Lol.
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Hananiah Hananiah
Although it's an unusual fetish, it is not sick. I've heard of other people who have fantasized about paraplegics. As far as I'm concerned, a fetish is alright as long as it doesn't involve children, animals, dead people, or rape.
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Edric Edric
Totally agreeing to all above that it's not strange. I can even see why, as he'd be submitted to your will, right? I'd say: go find that guy you already kissed! I understand you were seeing him for three years, so you must have liked him, right? Of course, don't go over and say 'hey let's have sex' but do some dating first, and maybe that'll lead to something more. Do find out if he wants it too, not just jump him. Good luck!
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