Hey, why did I flunk my homework? You people helped me?

Hey, why did I flunk my homework? You people helped me? Topic: Do my history homework answers
June 19, 2019 / By Deborah
Question: You Answers people helped me on a history assignment and I flunked it. Are you all stupid or something or am I stupid for asking for dummies to help me?
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Best Answers: Hey, why did I flunk my homework? You people helped me?

Britta Britta | 2 days ago
I think some people on here answer questions just to say they did. I don't think they all give correct information or good help, they just want 2 points.
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i wouldn't "cast" spells. if its true or not, its called karma. and you will be burned badly. let nature take its course. let it be, he will get screwed over in the end. why waste energy on someone who doesn't care about you. you are really naive. you need to grow up and stop messing around with that crap. go see the craft.

Alis Alis
Well, its not our fault, cause you are the one who chose to listen to us, and use it as an answer to your work, that you should have been doing. And if you were smart, you would have done it earlier, and gotton help from your teacher or even paid more attention in class. Plus, how can you blame us when we don't even the all the requirements for your project, and you didn't explain it to us. O by the way you are a dummie for asking , because if you knew you it you would have been smart, but since you were sooo rude you are the real dummie. Plus, u didn't have to listen to complete strangers whome u didn't even know.
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Ulric Ulric
You're very rude. It's your choice to ask people, when you could be doing your own research. When you get an answer form someone, you should researchthe answer to double check it, so you can make sure you have the right answer. And it's your fault for being lazy and not double checking the answers you took. You can't blame it on anybody else but yourself, sweetie.
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Rio Rio
Uh...well you shouldn't take everyone's answer at face value--we don't know the whole assignment, or the expectations your teacher has...so you need to take what people suggest on here and modify it to fit you and your class.
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Mesech Mesech
well if your going to blame us then dont ask questions on this thing k! n if you do dont complain about the answers you get were just trying to help and your the one that put what we said to and thats not our fault
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Mesech Originally Answered: Do you feel bad about 'cheating' by asking people here to do your homework?
Hey, Wow, this is an excellent question. Personally I do not post my homework on here for other people to do my work for me. But if I did, I would feel SOOOOO bad. I am such a guilty person, I would have to tell somebody lol... Which would get me in trouble. I cannot live with a guilty conscience. How other people do is beyond me. Lol... I'm with you... How do they feel 100% guiltless and as though they deserve the grade they got? Hope I helped!

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